It’s totally reductive to associate Memorial Day Weekend solely with drinking and eating (and not, you know, Memorializing), but here it is, that special weekend custom made for welcoming summer, getting drunk, and eating bbq, and yay for that. Before signing off for the weekend, we got to thinking that it’s been a pretty great couple of months for new music — no, the release schedule has not been like 2007 in terms of blockbuster-releases, but it is safe to say expectations are being exceeded all around. So good job, 2008. We’re gonna memorialize your music this weekend. In furtherance of this lofty intention, and in service of everybody needing stuff to listen to while partying in yards and on rooftops these next three days, we have assembled a little gift mix culled from the finest free audio we’ve posted in the last month or two.

It’s designed both to keep you entertained and to make you appear better informed of the indie rock MP3 release cycle than your non-blog reading friends. The mix brings a full mood cycle — from metal to dance to sunny pop to char-burned noise — so while it’s coherent, maybe it’s best not to spin in mixed (i.e. non muso) company. Or, you know, use this as a chance to explain the appeal of Silver Jews and Mount Eerie and Burning Star Core to your Third Eye Blind loving I-banker friends. We’ve called it Memorialized ’08 (Or, The Best Of Recent Stereogum MP3s). And it’s yours for the taking. A la carte:



OR if you want to preserve the integrity of the mix (please do), grab all 90MB in one shot via either .zip or torrent.

Some good recent cuts didn’t make it for purposes of sequence and flow, but if you guys have some sweetness to add to the mix, just post it up. This is an MP3 share, guys, so no memorial muxtapes — portability is key. That Mount Eerie is such a rad opener, which works perfectly since Phil Elverum is turning 30 on Monday. Everybody celebrate it as best you know how. We are having a marathon Mount Eerie/Microphones/D+ listening session. OK! Have a great weekend everybody.

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  1. Rich  |   Posted on May 23rd, 2008 0

    Hey, no .zip? Cruel.

  2. If anyone wants to make an album cover…

  3. bookwibble  |   Posted on May 23rd, 2008 0

    Stereogum, you’ve done it again.

    Thanks for the awesome tunes!

  4. That Quiet Village track is killer. Funky sh*t. Nice mix overall.

  5. Here’s some rawrt if you all like it. :]

    rest of my work’s at

    enjoy! thanks for the mix, sg!

  6. I lied, it’s really here:


  7. well, u already know ur awesome :)

  8. here’s a summer song for ears and hearts and heads.

  9. Happy Summerial Day Weekend!

    Summatime, Summatime, SPF 69!

  10. Happy Summerial Day Weekend!

    Summatime, Summatime, SPF 69!

  11. i found out like two weeks ago that elvrum was only 29. THAT’S NUTS, because it means that he made my favorite record of the decade [the glow, pt. 2] when he was only 22 or thereabouts. insane.

  12. Melissa  |   Posted on May 24th, 2008 0

    So yeah, what IS up with the States and this “Mermorial Day” weekend business? Is the weekend meant for sales and BBQs, or memorializing the dead? That’s kinda eff’d, even for the US of A, ain’t it?

    • summertime  |   Posted on May 24th, 2008 0

      @ Melissa: Since most Americans get what, 2 hours of vacation time a year, we get drunk, watch bad films at our local theatre, and pretend we care about the troops for about an hour.

      And it’s an excuse to invite that hot neighbor over for a party. At least that’s what happens in NYC.

      Maybe in the South they get all political, but here in New York, nobody gives a shit- it’s an excuse to take time off of work and sit in traffic trying to get to a beach.

  13. nick  |   Posted on May 24th, 2008 0

    awesome call on the torrent, dudes! thanks for the free shizz.

  14. vasilyi  |   Posted on May 26th, 2008 0

    must comment on this…
    not on the music or anything :P
    just the bbq :D
    not IT, dude!
    that’s grill you’re talking about, i’m sure.
    gourmands KNOW what i’m talking about :D
    it makes you wanna go to New Orleans for the food alone…

  15. Thanks for sharing all thee tracks.

  16. thank you! good sounds.

  17. dig it…..

  18. Greg  |   Posted on May 28th, 2008 0

    Wow, there are no negative comments on this thread. That’s kind of… touching.

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