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  • Watch The Weeknd, Snoop & Dre, And Santigold Play Coachella 2012
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The Weeknd

Weekend one of Coachella is a wrap, and in the resulting detox from Sunday’s action, we’ve got a fresh batch of archived sets to point you towards. Now online are full sets from the Weeknd (his US debut), Santigold, Real Estate, and Dr. Dre and Snoop, which featured an unholy group of guests (Eminem, Kendrick Lamar, HOLOGRAPHIC TUPAC), plus a song from Jeff Mangum. Head below to scope and we’ll see you next weekend for round 2.

Check out all of our Coachella coverage here. See you next weekend.

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  1. someone should have used a holographic Axl Rose so we could have finally had a Guns N’ Roses “reunion” at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame…

    • At least Axl has some principles doing things on his own terms and not reuniting on the conditions of being with an organization that is kind of a farce in the way it taints the legacy of music with sprinklings of inductions of either poor acts, acts that get inducted too soon before better representatives of rock n roll, or acts that have little connection to rock and roll. In the mean time, the RnRHoF snubs acts or inducts them long after they should have been included. Plus, the ceremony always seemed a bit kitchy with only hits being played for the most part. So claps for Axl, using his assholiness in the best possible way.

  2. Anyone else notice during The Weeknd’s set how Abel finished “Crew Love” and “The Zone” with the chorus from “What You Need” (he’s what you want, I’m what you need”) at the point where Drake’s verse would come in? Awesome.

    • a rich hill cameo right at that point would have beautifully flushed the toilet there, I agree.

      “I’m what you need and weeknd scared to take a pic with me. i luv u daddi.”
      - Rich Hil @ my imaginary Crotchella (in ma pantaloons).

  3. I literally had chills watching the hologram of tupac.

  4. on may 3rd im seeing the weeknd play a venue that fits probably 1/1,000th of his coachella audience. I might die.

  5. Hidden due to low comment rating. Click here to see

  6. That was nice of Santa to help Jeff out like that

  7. Zach de la Rocha performed with DJ Shadow.

    I think that’s something big that may have gotten lost in the Holo-Tupac shuffle.

  8. This is what happened when I saw that hologram

  9. I would have jizzed all over the place if i saw a postmortem 2Pac performing at Coachella. As someone who was a huge fan back in the ’90s when he was alive… mind would have been blown.

  10. Wow, “nice”: half of the videos have already been removed from YouTube.

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