The Electronic Anthology Project Of Dinosaur Jr.

A couple years ago, Built To Spill bassist Brett Nelson launched the Electronic Anthology Project, a passion project that reimagined Built To Spill’s songs through the aesthetic of New Wave bands like Talk Talk and Men Without Hats. The record contained all new vocal tracks from Built To Spill frontman Doug Martsch. Now, The Electronic Anthology Project of Dinosaur Jr., a collection of reinterpreted Dinosaur Jr. tracks, and yeah, Nelson got J. Mascis to record some new vox for that, too. This Nelson fellow is a go-getter, seems like. We’ve got the full thing, which features new versions of tracks like “Little Fury Things” and “Feel The Pain,” streaming below.

The Electronic Anthology Project of Dinosaur Jr. is out on Record Store Day (4/21).

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  1. Wow, this is not good.

    J’s songs simply do not lend themselves to an electronic mix.

    If this isn’t free you should pass …I would even advise losers that steal music to pass on this horrible collection.

    Trust me, I’m a massive fan, I’ve seen them live at least 10 times and if they rolled out with this shite I’d leave before the second song.

    This has to be an in-joke between J Mascis and Brett Nelson.

    It’s that bad …stay away. Record-Store day isn’t going to save the industry anyways …it’s a retail business for Pete’s sake …they always go first.

    Ughh …this was so bad. Perhaps they had to release it based ion a contract clause or something …it’s like a rich kid remixing his favorites while smoking Kind-Bud.


    • I’m rather enjoying it. It’s a free stream… not saying I would pay much money for it, but I think it’s pretty fun. Then again, I LOVED Atom and His Package and the covers he did. Kinda reminds me of Atom covering Dino. You are one cynical mutha.

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    - this means freedom -

  3. I have a sealed copy of this. I would like to have it on my mp3 though. Anyone know of a link to download?

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