Radiohead Cover 'Rolling Stone'

Whoomp, there it is. Radiohead’s on the cover of April’s Rolling Stone, the second time the full band has appeared on the cover (if you’re just counting Yorke as a Radiohead avatar, it’s the third time for the band). David Fricke’s story is up online if you’ve got a Rolling Stone subscription.

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  2. Dear Rolling Stone,


    The cast of the Three Stooges

  3. Dear Rolling Stone,


    The cast of the Three Stooges

  4. What the hell is that awful cover photo? Good lord, I don’t even know when to start…correct me if I’m wrong, but does that not look like a 5 minute job in photoshop using the WORST most sickly pictures of the band you could find? Holy moley.

    What was I expecting, though really? Rolling Stone: “We still love drop shadows on typography, and we always will. 2 months away from exclusively using comic sans all over the place.”

    • hahah yeah the drop shadows were the first thing I noticed too.

      • Also look at Johnny Greenwoods head still visible from behind Ed O Briens head

        • Johnny’s head is terribly done.

          But also…WHAT is with those photos?! What is johnny staring at?! Why does Ed look SOOOOO sick? Look how different the colour of his face is! Ed is Asleep! And Colin is clearly focused on whatever is in his hands, I’m assuming it’s a package of snacks – probably Maynard fruit gushers candy or something.

          That is one of the worst magazine covers I’ve ever seen. Jesus.

          • crabtron  |   Posted on Apr 21st, 2012 0

            Isn’t that Phil who’s asleep? Either that, or he’s incredibly ashamed of something he recently did. Also, I like how Johnny’s hand is visible through the ghost of Selway’s crotch.

            Here, Rolling Stone proves that they can make any band look ridiculous. Although Thom’s decision to wear a bowler doesn’t help matters. I’m actually impressed at how terrible the whole affair turned out.

          • crabtron  |   Posted on Apr 21st, 2012 0

            I think Ed is the one on the far right, standing bolt-upright like a naive meerkat. Man, I’m gonna buy me a copy of this just so I can have it framed on my wall. Endless laughs.

    • This is what eventually happens to vegans.

  5. I got really excited when I read the headline because I thought Radiohead was doing a cover of The Weeknd. This isn’t as cool

  6. looks like someone just realized photoshop had an opacity tool

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  9. What’s a Radiohead?

  10. haha Thom’s wearing Ed’s hat…ess fu-nny:)

  11. Radiohead Holograms.

  12. It’s been downhill for those guys since Pablo Honey. (sarcastic font)

  13. The 25 best things in rock right now, according to Rolling Stone:

    1. Selling out is the new cool
    2. ITunes updates
    3. Adele is in the studio
    4. Following Axl on Twitter
    5. Jann Wenner shaves
    6. American Idol
    7. The new 100 greatest songs of all time, not the old 100, or the 100 before that
    8. Stadium Rock.
    9. Justin Timberlakes new tequila
    10. Pink Floyd is getting back together!! Wait. Nope
    11 The Grammys! Yaay!!
    12 Rhianna on a beach
    13 Bruces new 5 star album again. Better than Nebraska, we swear.
    14 Whats cool about Spin Magazine? Ok now do the opposite.
    15 RS exclusive: Lady Antebellum covers Stairway to Heaven. Awesome!
    16 Whats cool in 2012…lets ask Skrillex
    17 Radiohead on our cover
    18 Monsters of Rock is happening people.
    19 The Beatles reuniting in hologram
    20 Dixie Chicks unplugged
    21 Shhh…I heard Stereogum and Pitchfork are cooler than us. Lets paraphrase them.
    22 Worlds collide for Pete Travers…Arcade Fire is on the Hunger Games soundtrack
    23 That its cool to review Lionel Ritchies new album and give it a better review than The Shins. Really.
    24 Glee goes on tour


  14. …One Direction? Really? Wow, and I was pretty interested with the Radiohead cover, now I probably won’t be buying this one…

  15. That hat is awesome.

  16. btw this cover pic sucks

  17. One Direction…and that direction is straight up my ass.

  18. Radiohead is a legendary band that still directly impacts our culture and make relevant music. The idea of putting artist and bands on the cover of magazine is to of course have that issue sell as many copies as possible and having a band that’s a national and international success helps.

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