Major Lazer & Amber Coffman - "Get Free"

Last month Major Lazer previewed “Get Free,” a track for which Diplo recruited Dirty Projectors siren Amber Coffman. Well now, it’s out today, and downloadable at for the price of an email. It’s good! There’s a video, too, featuring Major Lazer’s cartoon dancehall commando sitting on a pile of dinosaur bones and staring off meaningfully into the sunrise, thinking about Amber’s inspirational lyrics and swept up in the track’s wistful melancholy. Coffman’s part is transcribed, so you too can feel Major Lazer’s anti-government yearning for liberation. Use caution when singing along at home, though; in typical fashion, some of these Coffman melodies dip and dive hard enough to break an amateur voicebox.

Bonde do Role remix:

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  1. Not at all what I expected, but this rulz

  2. Yeah, this is super nice. Makes me want to stare of wistfully toward some sort of post-apocalyptic expanse.

  3. i was hoping for a vines sample (rip). dis is dece.

  4. I like it, wish Dirty Projectors had Amber as the lead more often as I far prefer her voice to Dave’s dying cat.

  5. I think Major Lazer is good with symbols. Why is he sitting on a dinosaur skeleton while looking at a sunrise?

    Does anyone know what this could mean?

    -I think Major Lazer is a symbol. He is the perfect warrior who wil free mankind from the evil systems (the gouvernment man).
    -Ths sunrise could be compared with the appocalipse.
    -Also he notes that we are in the same boat which means that we are all the same (human beings).
    -I know me you know me could refer to the fact that we are all entities.
    -Battery hen refers to the fact that we are all slaves of the money system.

    there are many more symbols in the lyrics

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