WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange has been under house arrest in the UK for a while, but he’s still launching a brand-new talk show called The World Tomorrow, which airs on the government-funded Russian news network RT and which he’s taping at home. And though glamor isn’t exactly a big part of the WikiLeaks aesthetic, Assange still got a big name to contribute The World Tomorrow’s theme music: M.I.A., whose Vicki Leekx mixtape was partly inspired by Assange’s work. M.I.A.’s theme is instrumental, and it’s really just 30 seconds of synthetic thumps and burbles; the big news is that she’s doing it. (She’ll also appear on a forthcoming episode of the show.) Below, hear her music in the intro and outro of the first episode.

More episodes of The World Tomorrow will be posted here.

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  1. Cool stuff. Love that M.I.A.’s music is featured here. The track is an edit of “Story To Be Told” produced by M.I.A. and Rusko on her album “/\/\ /\ Y /\”.

  2. f this b and f you Mr. Brie-han (ha!) for letting it pass without comment

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