Coachella Hologram Fest

In part this post is to say, good job,, on this flyer. And in part it is to say now please, let us call a moratorium on puns and lol-ogram humor. Wait: Coachologram. OK starting now! (Although also, good point Carles: Now that Coachella’s exhausted the reunion beat, guess it’s time for them to milk the resurrection circuit.)

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  1. Where’s Gil-Scott Heron?

  2. Marvin Gaye over The Beatles? What’s going on?

  3. No Beatles? Also, this joke will never die:

  4. Okay everybody! Get ready for my joke!!!

    A lot of people are dead.

  5. I’d go to that for sure.

  6. The most hilarious part is that someone actually thought to put Snot on here. Well-played, guy who cared enough about Snot to remember that they once existed.

  7. sublime, the carpenters, sparklehorse, pinkfloyd, blackbox recorder, amy????

  8. No Franz Liszt? He would be a hell of a lot more entertaining than Mozart

  9. No Tyler the Creator….


  10. Ha, The Grateful Dead. Insert relevant joke here.

  11. Jesus is getting snobbed

    • I don’t know…
      If Tiny Tim and Jesus are scheduled for the same time, I’ll have a pretty tough decision to make.

      • I heard Jesus has this really cool roadie (his name was like “Gad” or something) who can set him up on all the stages at all times. No matter what stage you’re at, Jesus shows up and shreds the shit out of it. I was like, no way!

  12. First she gets removed from the line-up in 2009.

    Now she can’t even make the 2013 hologram lineup?

    Guys, I’m worried about Amy Winehouse.

    • Yeah, I heard that the promoters were worried about “image”. Artists with alleged “substance” abuse issues are seen as a potential “liability”. Rick James got her spot.

  13. even though this is coachella, I’m pretty sure the Grateful Dead would get a better slot…

    • What about Dangerfield? He really got the stiff pickle on this one. But, hey, if I’m lead to believe that Hendrix, Zepplin, and Skynard are sharing the stage, then I get to hear Freebird, Stairway, and Stevie Ray Vaughn all in the same set!

  14. Hidden due to low comment rating. Click here to see

    • I know, seriouslyyyy.. I can’t believe they’re ACTUALLY putting this on.

      • I don’t know whether to appreciate the voters here for “getting” that Marvin Gaye reference up there, or to shit on them for not getting the joke right over here.

        Sorry X-man, guess they’re not into irony these days. And yeah, let’s upvote someone for not getting the joke, then trying to make the person who made the original joke look like an asshole.

        Confounding, but only slightly more than my wonder concerning whether the fairy is the one on the unicorn, or the unicorn itself.

      • In his defense… although this may be all for shits and giggles, corporations are thinking of worse ways to make money off the dead. We’re all laughing now, next thing you know dead artists are doing world tours and endorsing products.

  15. Patsy Cline.

  16. Ugh, feel like I re-opened an old wound when I saw Jay Reatard on there…

    • I still get a little blue when I think about him.

      (Forgive the tangent I’m about to go on…)

      Truth be told, I was a latecomer to the brilliant music of Jay Reatard. An ex-girlfriend of mine was a big fan of his circa 2006, but I never bothered to check him out. While we shared a lot of common tastes, she was into some pretty out-there music, as far as I was concerned—but then again, I’m a diehard extreme metal fan so take that for what it’s worth. I mistakenly lumped him into the same bin in which I filed all of her bizarre favorites.

      Fast forward to 2010. Upon reading about the tragedy of his death and the rapturous praise garnered by his music, I decided to finally give him a listen. I was immediately floored. There was a pang of remorse in having never bothered to check out his music previously. There was the guilt in knowing I would’ve probably never given him a chance had it not been for the news of his death.

      Then there was the wave of euphoria in realizing before the first song was even over that I had found another one of those artists—music that would stay with me, informing how I saw the world and my enjoyment thereof.

      My roommate had just bought a scooter, and let me take it out for a spin. Having recently moved to Seattle, and then to a new neighborhood, I had some exploring to do. I put Blood Visions on and rode that scooter for three hours, the record on repeat. I can remember cresting the hill near my house as the chorus to “My Shadow” cascaded into my ears, the instant identification with the music causing me to smile so wide I teared up. I remember the yelling along with “Death is Forming” so loudly I might’ve been embarrassed—if I weren’t having so much fun. I remember being so excited by “It’s So Easy” that I lost my balance, falling off the scooter while it fell on me, bruising my leg badly but thankfully causing no serious damage—other than embarrassment in spite of the fun I was having.

      I’ll never forget that warm summer evening, and I’ll never forget Jay Reatard.

  17. Dont they all have to be dead?

  18. this poster really put jesus in his place…
    and now i wonder why…

    i hope gg allin is going to thru hologram poop

  19. jesus but not jdilla? FOR SHAME.

  20. Hologram Mozart is gonna be DOPE.

  21. The Red Hot Chili Peppers are missing. And will Jesus be performing with his power-trinity?

    • Jesus was actually removed from the lineup after the poster was released. Thom Yorke will be playing in his place as the only live (although still immortal and holy) act.

  22. No Wesley Willis? No LFO? How is Drowning Pool headlining over T Rex, Led Zeppelin, and Jimi Hendrix? Gawd, Coachella…

  23. The Beatles on the same level of billing as Drowning Pool. Nice.

  24. I would not want to play any stage after G.G. Allin’s been there.

  25. The 2010 lineup was better. What’s with all the obscure bands?

  26. Ted Nugent (pending election results)

  27. Super-stoked the old, weird Greg Allman will be there..

  28. So this would mean The White Stripes would possibly play coachella again!

  29. I guess John Lennon was right all along; The Beatles are more popular than Jesus.

  30. Hologram Tupac will be giving laser pointer tattoos and rapping about takin’ muhfuggas out w/ a flashlight. Klick, Klick, SON!!

  31. I hope Jesus plays from his old stuff. His last couple albums were too radio friendly.

  32. Highlight: Rodney “Rappin’ Rodney” Dangerfield.

  33. Im gutted Beethoven isn’t playing, damn mozart taking his place.

  34. The Band should now definitely be on here.

  35. I was going ‘Ha Ha’ til i saw Jeff Buckley in tiny letters…that was like a punch in the gut. THE greatest music loss of all-time. (all the other greats got to at least make 2 or 3 albums [if not 5], Jeff only got ONE…)

  36. This is absolutely disgraceful, Jerry Garcia, Bob Marley, John Lennon etc. would not want to be paraded around like puppets after their death, especially Jerry. Keep the Dead out of Coachella.

  37. FINE STUFF !! @ let all the kiddies here what good music used to sound like, :) , who gives a toss if its morbid as fook ! bring it on !!

  38. some people say , keep the dead out of coachella ! i say fuck them ! :D , dont need to look or listen if you dont want too, ! :D ill be showing them ALL as and when i can !!

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