The Walkmen

A couple of days ago, we posted “Heaven,” the driving but lovely first single and title track from the new Walkmen album. And now there’s another track from the album floating out there in the ether: “Heartbreaker,” another excellent track done with the sort of old-school panache that nobody manages quite like the Walkmen.

Heaven is out 5/29 on Fat Possum.

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  1. Feels like summertime to me.
    In all the good ways.

  2. I guess we can’t ask them to write ‘the rat’ again, but is anyone else hoping for some tracks with a little more teeth on this album?

    • the rat is such an oddity in their collection that i doubt you’ll ever hear a song like that again from them. it was always interesting to note as well that out of all the tracks on that record, the rat was produced by someone entirely different, bring back that producer! i say that as if i need another rat, i don’t, but it would be fun.

      • that makes sense. but even ‘little house of savages’ and ‘thinking of a dream i had’ were, i dunno, noisier? I guess I just want more Bows + Arrows. Not that I’m complaining about their latest.

  3. Ah, I heard this song live when they opened for Fleet Foxes in Jacksonville, FL last year. It was the very last song of their set, and the melody has resonated with me ever since. I talked to Hamilton after the show and I told him I really enjoyed it and asked him if it had a title yet, to which he responded “Not yet, we literally wrote that a couple of days ago”. Excellent

  4. I like it, until the end when they had that weird found sound transition piece of the guy talking. Anyone know if they are going for a sortof concept album idea with this radio DJ noise? Could be cool, I guess. I’ll have to see how it fits in with the rest of the album.

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