Family Of The Year - "Stairs" Video

The video for “Stairs,” a song from the Cali six-piece Family Of The Year, consists entirely of Instagram-style footage of the band members hanging out and enjoying each other’s company. Dogs are involved. The warm, fuzzy footage is a nice complement to the strummy, comfortable psych-rock. Watch the clip below.

The band’s album Loma Vista is due this summer from Nettwerk.

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  1. This band sucks. They talked about Billy Mays in the first 10 seconds, and the rest of the lyrics are terrible. Total product of our generation junk. It will probably make it into a hip car commercial though. Sorry Tom, nothing personal.

    Oh it’s on Nettwerk. The label that The Format used to be on, the former band of the guy in fun.(with the terrible period as part of their name), the band who’s epic happy song is in a hip car commercial.

    • what’s your problem Bob? ok, it seems you can’t identify with this song, and it’s obviously not your cup of tea. that’s fine. But how does that turn into such darkness?
      You have a malicious tone, which wreaks of resentment. looking through your past comments, i can see that that is your general disposition in all of your posts. if i were Family of The Year, i wouldn’t take your angry little rant personally. and if i were you, i would relax and stop being a hater

      • Yea I was really on a roll with that comment, but I stand by it. The comment was really a product of my beef with all the bad kitsch out there, and this band, this song, and this video really exemplify ALLLL of that, these ideas of being weird for the sake of being weird and ubiquitous, glib use of irony etc.

        It’s not that I don’t identify with the this song, but rather I can’t because it has no substance. I actually love sunny-psych type pop. This band and their aesthetic just comes off so forced. So yea, a bit of a misplaced internet rant, but that’s not all I do with my time, I actually have my own creative projects that address some of these issues, so I’m not just trolling on the internet and feeling secure in my superiority.

        Please follow me on twitter @ makingpillars for less darkness or email me to initiate the conversation on the whole irony trip. Thank you for responding to this comment, it’s good for people to challenge each other, hooray Plato!

  2. Great. Another indie video made with grainy footage that’s supposed to make everything look like it was shot in the 60s even though it was probably made in a Mac. Please END this horrible trend already! This hasn´t been a novelty since Belle & Sebastian.

  3. These guys should be huge. Great song!

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