Bon Iver on Ellen

This morning, Bon Iver took another big step toward becoming some kind of mainstream cultural institution, as a rumpled and freshly-shorn Justin Vernon, who should really consider growing the beard back, took to the stage at Ellen, performing “Towers” on TV and “Michicant” as a web-only bonus. Colin Stetson’s gargantuan saxophone is not a thing I ever expected to see on daytime network television, but there it is. The band sounded magical, of course. Watch both performances below.

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Vernon’s face when confronted with Ellen: An amazing thing.

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  1. Oof, that beardless chin — Looks like we knew where all the Bushmills perks are hanging around. Also, let’s be honest: All of our moms probably already had this CD before he appeared on Ellen.

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    • I’ll start worrying when he STOPS looking hilariously awkward on national television. So long as he looks nervous and out of place I know the world is still turning in the right direction.

      And really, why would we not want people to listen to THIS MUSIC when compared with what’s usually on these shows?

  3. From 1:33 – 1:36 on the Towers vid, the drummer looks like he’s fighting either gastrointestinal discomfort or repressed memories.

  4. Also, no vocal processing on Michicant is nice. He should perform it that way more often.

  5. if you go on the website, he thanks ellen for having him on and he thanks all the talk shows he wasn’t invited to and all the ones that will never invite her and evolution for making all of this happen

    check it out:

  6. Painfully awkward and hilarious to watch, these WI bros crack me up.

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