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  • Lana Del Rey @ BBC Live Lounge 2012
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Lana Del Rey

Recently, Lana Del Rey recorded a session for BBC Radio’s Live Lounge. Those sessions always include covers, and for hers, LDR took on “Goodbye Kiss,” a song from the inexplicably-still-popular Brit-rock band Kasabian. I like her version better. Watch her recording it below.

(via Disco Naïveté)

She also did “Blue Jeans” with a string section. Listen:

You obviously already knew this, but Lana Del Rey’s Born To Die is out now on Interscope.

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  1. * a song from the inexplicably-still-popular Brit-rock band Kasabian covered by the inexplicably-still-popular Lana Del Rey

    • say what you will, Kasabian is still the best uK “K band” …sorry Klaxons and Kaiser Chiefs…although those 3 would make an interesting ‘triple K’ tour…specially when they came to the states:)

  2. Whenever I see her I always think, some music marketing person wanted to take the idea Joanna Newsom and make her more top-40′s and pop. Did Urban Outfitters sponsor this?

  3. I like this version a lot better than Kasabian’s. Wish Kasabian would have done “Video Games” this much justice.

  4. She forgot the words on 2:10 so just skipped straight to the bridge. Decent cover – it’s exactly what I’d expect from her. It has absolutely nothing on the original, imo.

  5. I am just going to leave this here

  6. In fairness to Lana Del Rey, this is pretty good and it comes at a time when the asinine hype surrounding her has cooled off considerably. It is almost as though her haters will deride anything she puts out that is less than incredible. The storm has passed with her, people need to relax.

  7. she sounds great…confused to why the guitarist isn’t using an acoustic though, kinda threw me off, no makey sense:)

  8. I find it baffling that she can sing Goodbye Kiss better than she can sing her own songs live.

  9. 2:66 – sounded frighteningly like Tori Amos.

  10. i love lana. i am tired of people’s opinions on this girl. she’s pretty and has a unique voice. and yeah, i know about her plastic surgery and lizzie grant and etc….. i still like her tho, despite all the media/hype/marketing. she’s a pretty damn cool bitch

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