Radiohead On Austin City Limits

PBS is going to air a Radiohead episode of Austin City Limits. Nice! It will run in the fall. Not as nice! Seeing as that is five months away, the kind ACL folks have uploaded this clip of the band doing “Lotus Flower,” which means you get a PBS-sized dose of Thom Yorke’s patented “Lotus Flower” wriggle-and-jab. Bonus: oily ponytail. Very greasy. Check it:

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  1. Thom Yorke’s conversion to a philosophy professor at a small liberal arts school: 98% complete.

  2. well i guess waiting til fall isn’t such a bad thing since they’ll be touring all summer? should be plenty of bootlegs and video clips in the meantime…this looks great though. even though the selfish me woulda loved if since it was a special occasion they play more old songs and maybe turn it into a VH1 Storytellers type thing.

  3. This looks great, can’t wait!

  4. oh and i finally figured out why Ed’s been playing that Jaguar lately…IT’S the brand new Johnny Marr signature Jaguar of course:D

  5. bs that this won’t air until the fall. tv needs to get with the times.

  6. Ed at 5:05 and Ed at 5:13 are playing two different guitars. What gives with the editing, PBS?

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