Lana Del Rey - "Carmen" Video

Lana Del Rey has compiled a video for the Born To Die cut “Carmen” that mixes old film clips with behind-the-scenes footage of her hanging out, looking glamorous. Her YouTube description: “BIO PIC.” Watch below.

Lana will perform live on UK program The Voice next Sunday 4/29. Born To Die is out now via Interscope.

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  1. I know I’m preaching to the choir here, but I’m completely over these faux-retro, smash-edited, low production quality Lana Del Rey videos (as in, all of them). It’s played out, don’t her handlers get it? This sort of stuff is only going to make the backlash worse.

  2. Also, WTF with the Bank of America piano music at the end?

  3. This is a mess. I literally had to pause the video twice because I thought “I must have another video playing somewhere else”. Nope. It’s just a gross mess that, for the most part, sounds exactly like everything else she’s put out. I’ve given her enough chances, she has nothing going for her other than being sexy.

  4. I love how she used the kids scenes and adult images to creat this feeling of lost childhood from lyrics. Beatiful video, it’s nice to know that she still wants to make her videos like that and not so commercial like her other singles

  5. not my fav LDR song by far BUT…i’ll take a C Grade LDR song over a supposed A+ Bon Iver song ANY DAY! (oh yeah, i DARED to go there haha)

  6. I made it through a minute of this yuck.

  7. Throwing vintage shots and grainy footage in a video is an old, often over-used trick, but it suits her work.

  8. she’s so beautiful!

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