Beach House - "Lazuli" b/w "Equal Mind"

Another Record Store Day exclusive is Beach House’s “Lazuli” 7″, limited to 2,400 copies on blue vinyl. B-side “Equal Mind” is a synth-laden, Fleetwood Mac-esque stunner left off their forthcoming Bloom. Take a listen:

“Lazuli” is likely sold out at your local record retailer, but if you went by too late it just means you have cash to pick up Bloom upon its release 5/15 via Sub Pop.

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  1. nothing makes you feel better than being the first comment on 11pm on a saturday night. livin large

    • I was about to leave a comment among the same sentiments. Nothing beats being enough of a music nerd without a social life than to fill your time celebrating Record Store Day, a consumer holiday that bests all other consumer holidays, and living on your computer on a late Saturday night. Sure, others may stumble upon this post come Monday or Tuesday after getting laid all weekend, but tonight, Stereogum gives us losers aural sex in the form of this delightful Beach House B-side.

  2. Nothing makes you feel better than being the second comment on 11PM on a Saturday night. Not only am I hanging out at home, but I can’t even do it well.

  3. nothing makes you feel better then liking the first and second comment at 11 pm on a Saturday night.

  4. nothing makes you feel better.

  5. on a Satur–oh shit.

  6. great track actually even

  7. Ok one more. Nothing makes you feel better when getting out of the gym at 1:45 on a Saturday night then a nice smooth new track to mellow you out… Well maybe a glass of wine.

  8. LP leftovers generally suck in my opinion, but this and Broken Bell’s Meyrin Fields EP seem to be the exception

  9. But how were the Flaming Lips involved?

  10. I am cool with letting beach house be my canonical blind spot.

  11. S-A-T-U-R-D-A-Y

  12. It’s Sunday now but I’m here for the circlejerk!

  13. beach house brings me so much joy and these mackesque riddims just soar like an eagle over the ravished lands of our mother earth. and I am that eagle when i listen, and they are the wind beneath my wings. I wish them much $$$ and many more records.


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