St. Vincent - "KROKODIL" b/w "GROT"

St. Vincent’s much anticipated Record Store Day contribution was a red vinyl 7″ with two new songs, “KROKODIL” and “GROT.” The former was premiered during her set at Coachella last weekend. Now you can hear both studio cuts below.



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  1. i really, genuinely wanted to love these songs. i was really, genuinely disappointed. are these two songs a joke and annie just lost her voice for a little while so they decided to release a couple songs of fuzz? please give me more “paris is burning” annie clark.

    • For me, it’s the reverse: I’ve never been drawn in by Saint Vincent before, and I think these are both great! They sound like her cover of Big Black’s “Kerosene”, which is both a good thing in itself and interesting to think about–this might be my lack of musical knowledge talking, but I’ve never heard that kind of late-eighties, noisy, experimental indie rock done by a woman before! (Kim Gordon doesn’t count–while noisy, I don’t think Sonic Youth were ever as knowingly alienating as the kind of stuff I’m trying to refer to. That said, I am a little under-listened in the SY department.) In fact, it seems to me people have a tendency to claim Big Black is in some way ineffably male, and I like that Annie Clark basically said fuck all that noise and slid into their idiom without adjusting it much. This might all be a bit much, but, yeah, the songs are great!

      • i think the new st. vincent songs punish your insufferable misconceptions

        i like the new songs and think they couldn’t have come with out all of the trailblazing, from both male and female influences. big black’s ineffable male only stems from their over-representation of the hetero-male heirarchy that borders ridicule of the system.

        and know you nothing of riot grrrl??? its the probably all too reasonable punk response to once again, the hetero-male heirarchy that continues to fuck everyone– you, me, and stereogum readers included. and just because you didn’t looked for the female criteria for an artist, doesn’t mean that there aren’t women that create distant, alienating, and sometime’s terrifying music.

        kim always kept the sound of sonic youth in balance to fill out the entire range of emotions. And for me, someone so devastated upon hearing the break-up of kim and thurston– that i wept.

        and now i’m forced to realize its all to a capricious end. the tragic and dystopian love affair caught in the noisy background of their day is kept as the sonic youth catalogue.

        that said, i was once told that i don’t have ovaries so i’m not allowed to listen to bikini kill

        • I’ve listened to plenty of Riot Grrrl, but no one can claim that Riot Grrrl sounds anything like Big Black or Flipper or stuff like that, which is what I hear here.

      • i’m pretty much the same
        i’ve never really been able to get into st. vincent, and i wasn’t really expecting much out of this
        but i thought both songs were really great

        i had a chance to listen to grot some more times today, and it only confirmed for me that it is Awesooooome with a capitol A and several o’s
        it might be my favorite track to come out of this record store day

        i’m super excited to see what she puts out next,
        whenever that may be

    • she’s making songs that reflect her live shows right now, which have more heavy guitar versions of her LP stuff. I really like the direction, but that’s more a matter of personal taste. Her live show rocks.

  2. I’m just glad she’s experimenting, as opposed to just releasing the same album over and over again, which is what so many artists do.

  3. damn, when that full riff hits in Grot.
    sounds like an army marching to it’s death.

  4. Annie, are you ok?

  5. I’m in support of Annie getting a little crazier.

  6. The only Krokodil premier at Coachella was the Coachella premier of Krokodil. It was played throughout the Aus/NZ tour.

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