Kurt Cobain and Courtney Love

Hit So Hard, a film currently in festivals, mostly serves as a documentary about former Hole drummer Patty Schemel, but it also has a bunch of home footage of Kurt Cobain and Courtney Love, a couple who were capturing people’s imagination since the first time they got together. Some bootleg footage of the movie recently surfaced online, and it features Cobain and Love playing a crude, sketchy acoustic version of an unreleased duet called “Stinking Of You” alongside some seriously heartbreaking images of the two of them taking care of an infant Frances Bean Cobain. Watch it below.

(via Antiquiet)

For Hit So Hard screening dates, check here.

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  1. Is just me, or did that actually sound really good? It’s too early for this.

  2. Kinda sounds like it might have inspired Foo Fighters: “Big Me”

  3. Once upon a time in a land where kids grew up actually liking music for what it was worth. Role models were sparce so songs that had tounge in cheek references to sex were fun. Now adays you kids can say all these words on the radio by mixing it with a vocoder, or a quick mask …oh and Kurdt and Courtney got married monogamously …that means not sharing your beds with multiple partners for the sake of a good time, and they had a child that they cared about deeply enough to sober up ( even if it was temporarily ) Then came david geffen who exploited all the bands to get one super collossel cash in . The evil record companies crushed the good creative acts and supported the ones that brought healthy draw and commercial followings accross universal channels. Perry Ferrel had to go into hiding , and the Chili Peppers became pop. The foo Fighters went around glamorizing garage rock anthems and soon the world was devistated by over produced synthetic dance hits. And Lady Gaga began to dominate the airways. The record companies bottled up and quit and sometime later Hanna Montana changed her name back to Miley, and shaved her head. Or was that Britney. O hell…who cares

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