The Rapture - "How Deep Is Your Love?" Video

The Rapture’s excellent gospel-disco rager “How Deep Is Your Love?” is the better part of a year old now, but its video, in which a dancing Indian In The Cupboard-sized Luke Jenner entertains a bunch of ladies at a tea party, is brand new. It is also ridiculous. Watch it and download the track below.

(via Consequence Of Sound, and thanks to Michael_ for reminding us that this exists)

The Rapture’s album In The Grace Of Your Love is still out on DFA, and it remains great.

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  1. this video sucks.

  2. Well that wasn’t particularly good…

  3. i like it. i think it’s great!

  4. this is some Marcos Siega Island in the Sun boring as FUCK mexican wedding-esque bullshit come on bru.
    it’s not even like a life is beautiful kind of video, its a watch this old biddy put on 20 hats and blow your brains our kind of video. I preferred the DFA vid where the asshole couldn’t hold the disco ball steady. but who could? I bet they’re heavy.

    like ma D.


  5. Love how the song changes throughout, starting out more disco and eventually becoming more and more complex. The sax toward the end was an unexpected joy.


  6. Man, I wanted to love this album. This song is the exception, and a red herring since it came out MONTHS before the LP and promised all sorts of Chicago House style jams. And then the the record was released and it was a turd.

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