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Earlier today we saw Johnny Depp in facepaint (playing Tonto in the Jack White-soundtracked Lone Ranger). Later today we hear Johnny Depp collaborating with some facepaint. We’ve come full circle! It is true, this cover of Carly Simon’s classic “You’re So Vain” is a thing that exists. It’s a bonus track on Marilyn Manson’s forthcoming, eighth LP Born Villain. Believe it or not, I am not going to use this as an opportunity to proffer my long awaited exegesis on the Depp/Manson connection that I knew nothing about until four minutes ago. Instead I’m just going to get out of the way and embed the track. For the record, and from what I can tell of human history, Carly Simon did nothing to deserve this. And still, here we are, and here you go:

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  2. This is simply a METAL version of You’re So Vain. Bringing the song to those who like headaches and earaches… Personally, I like that Marilyn and Depp recorded this…. I hope the video brings their version a bit more shocking attention…. or is it just featured in DARK SHADOWS? Time will tell. I mean over 20 years ago Faster Pussycat rocked the song out!

  3. Strange conincidence: yesterday a girl in a Marilyn Manson hoodie elbowed me on the bus. That elbow sure did take me by surprise (it hurt) but I was even more surprised to find Marilyn Manson still has fans.

  4. i love this version.

  5. I thought the first verse and intro were going to make this interesting but the chorus and later versus are just lazy. Could of been kinda cool considering this song could describe either of these scarf wearing, hat tipped fellows?

  6. I want this movie to be great. Well, at least enjoyable. But I have a feeling it will become the moment the United States becomes thoroughly tired of Johnny Depp. (But also perhaps due to saturation. It seems like he has five movies coming out this summer).

    Sorry, this probably belongs at Videogum.

  7. This song doesn’t merit a response.

  8. Manson needs a new act.

  9. i’ve always been a huge fan of Manson. from the line-up changes to the differences in approaches to music over the years. the fact of the matter is, people change. when people change, so do their interests. so Manson and Depp happened to be interested in the song and decided to cover it…where is the crime? it sounds great. I’m sure they didn’t just “need the extra cash”. music is something he loves, so let him do it. not many people cried when he covered “sweet dreams”. why? i was great, as is this. and even if he had “mutilated” the song, it’s as Manson says on his newest album…”mutilation is the sincerest form of flattery” :) and as far as him needing a “new act”…check your facts…he is involved in many acts. he’s an artist. it’s just what he does. find something else to complain about

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