Finally Grandma Covers The Black Keys On Spoons

So Australia’s Got Talent is a thing, obviously, and Bridgeton, Australia’s Deb “Spoons” Perry is one of the finalists thanks to her savvy playing of the spoons. Here’s her playing Black Keys’ “Lonely Boy,” which Perry calls a “great little rock and roll track, a classic rock and roll number.” It’s become one of her regular routines; you’ll see why. And, oh, of course she’s feeding kangaroos in the intro. Watch it below.

Her bio is also remarkable, including nuggets like “1972 — Taught to play the spoons by an elderly man, Danny, in the Stoned Crow Wine bar in North Fremantle when listening to a jug band, Red Rocket And the Thunderbolt Scramblers.” Here’s a GIF for you too (via Hypervocal).

Comments (7)
  1. Spoonman, meet Spoonwoman!

  2. Been on his playlist “for years”? What, did the Aussies get a very-advance copy of El Camino?

  3. If the Black Keys are still a thing, she should be on tour with them. She’s amazing.

  4. More like Crocodile Drumdee, amiright?

  5. i want her to be my grandma.. so badass!

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