Hear Best Coast Cover Fleetwood Mac

In the album cycle for Best Coast’s new album The Only Place, Bethany Cosentino has often cited that Fleetwood Mac was a major influence on the record, something you can hear a little bit of on the lead single “The Only Place.” So, naturally, she covered Tusk’s “Storms,” a recording that will be released as a 7” to a limited number of independent record stores. It was just debuted on BBC Radio 6′s Radcliffe & Maconie show and you can listen below.

Read our premature evaluation of the new Best Coast album here.

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  1. Oh, two of my most adored bands! What a treat!

  2. um – There is no soul here. haha. When Stevie Nicks sang this song, she actually sounded like she meant it.

  3. So I spent half an hour ripping that and uploading it, and you couldn’t even give credit to the page you took it from? Thanks a lot =P


  4. Uber, and ’tis nice to hear a different version of “Storms.”

  5. This is like if they did a Stevie Nicks songbook night on The American Voice Idol’s Got Talent and the one girl who can kinda sing decides to ruin Storms for me forever

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