Stephen Malkmus in high school

That adorable face you see above belonged to one Stephen Malkmus, back when he was a junior in high school. It comes from a Santa Barbara high school newspaper profile of Malkmus, presumably the first of many, many Malkmus profiles to come. In this one, we learn that he enjoys playing both soccer and lacrosse, the latter of which is “a sport similar to hockey” and which Malkmus considers “better than football because there is more skill involved.” Malkmus also plays bass in a punk band called Straw Dogs, which is an awesome name for a high-school punk band. He likes “seeing the people at the concerts getting their aggressions out to the music.” In future years, he’ll watch people get their aggressions out by arguing over who best appreciates his band’s B-sides.

This little gem comes to us from the Matador Press Twitter account and Greg Johnson. Check the whole thing below.

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  1. Senior portrait:

  2. haha so he’s a richboy from santa barbara? figures. funny, him and his arch enemy kid rock have something in common.

  3. Not a rich boy from Santa B.. He’s from the most miserable city in North America.. Stockton. He got kicked out of his Santa B private school & finished off in Lodi California. TOKAY HIGH! Go Tigers. Ew.

  4. Stephen Malkmus likes real football, yet another reason to love Pavement.

    • people that say “real football” when referring to soccer are cool…to put “kick me” signs on.

      • I’m British and so call “soccer” football, it was either call it soccer (never) or say what I did to make the distinction.

        • Actually, the British more commonly called the sport soccer in its formative years. Too bad it didn’t evolve from a 90-minute aimless drag, played by flopping girly-men, as its name evolved into “football”.

        • But you said “real football”, with the intention of insinuating that American football is a lesser form of football in some way.

          And while I’ll be the first person to agree that the name “football” for the American sport is quite confusing, if not straight stupid, being that feet rarely meet the ball and the player that does that holds a specialized position played mostly by ex-soccer players…I’ll also gladly agree to the fact that soccer is a boring session of missed opportunities performed by injury-faking pussies who care less about team efforts than what embarrassing post-goal frolic they’ll put on for the crowd after the only moment of excitement takes place.And seriously- what kind of sport leaves it up to a ref to create some arbitrary time period at the end of official time, when this could easily and accurately be done by using game clocks? Lame.

  5. Lacrosse, that’s what’s up.

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