Jack White - AMEX Unstaged

You saw the previews, but if you weren’t around Friday night to live stream Jack White’s Gary Oldman-directed Webster Hall show for AMEX, you can now watch the whole thing at your convenience. Check out the Unstaged video playback below, along with the career-spanning setlist, and a “No Church In The Wild” nod during “Cut Like A Buffalo.”

with The Peacocks

”Dead Leaves And The Dirty Ground” (The White Stripes song)

”Missing Pieces”

”Freedom At 21″
“Love Interruption”
“Hotel Yorba” (The White Stripes song)

“Two Against One” (Rome cover)

”Top Yourself” (The Raconteurs song)

”I’m Slowly Turning Into You” (The White Stripes song)

”Blue Blood Blues” (The Dead Weather song) (with “Screwdriver” riff intro)

“Take Me With You When You Go”

with Los Buzzardos

”Sixteen Saltines”

”I Cut Like a Buffalo” (The Dead Weather song)

”Weep Themselves To Sleep”

”Trash Tongue Talker”

”You Know That I Know” (Hank Williams cover)

“We’re Going To Be Friends” (The White Stripes song)

”Hypocritical Kiss”
“Hello Operator” (The White Stripes song)

”Carolina Drama” (The Raconteurs song)

”Catch Hell Blues” (Fragment) (The White Stripes song)

“Seven Nation Army” (The White Stripes song)

”Goodnight Irene” (Leadbelly cover)

Blunderbuss is out now on Third Man/Columbia, and available at eMusic. In a first for Mr. White, it is expected to top the Billboard charts next week.

Comments (11)
  1. Sings the hook from “No Church In The Wild” like 1:12:40 in. Does not sing the hook from Pluto’s “Parachute.”

  2. This video is amazing. I can’t stop listening to the album!

  3. I watched it live and enjoyed The Peacocks MUCH more than Los Buzzardos. Have to watch it again and see if it plays different for me.

  4. Jack White, Gary Oldman, intensive set list and a live stream? Pretty much perfection right there. Really thankful for this video! Also, Blunderbuss is probably occupying my CD player in my car for the summer.

  5. I anyone else getting “This video is private” / know where it can be watched?

  6. Yeah, the bastards took it down…it did seem too good to be true. I got through half of it, was realllly good.

  7. but did anyone call the number?

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