Lana Del Rey on The Voice UK

We recently saw Lana Del Rey in a pre-taped performance on American Idol. Earlier tonight she sang on another singing competition, The Voice UK, but the performance was taped yesterday. So live TV’s not her thing — Tom Jones still liked it. Watch below.

Born To Die is out now on Interscope and available via eMusic.

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  1. I’m not mad, I’m just disappointed.

  2. Michael_  |   Posted on Apr 29th, 2012 +3

    You know, it wasn’t all that bad. I’ll give her credit for clearing the dear in the headlights look off her face. I guess all the Botox has finally worn off and she’s finally able to move it?

  3. that songs getting a little boring, but she still did well. i’m definitely sick of that loop/sample thing though, if they play it i wished they’d turn down the level on that thing. BUT…i ain’t leaving Team LDR! Looking forward to hearing more Million Dollar Man and National Anthem in the future vs the ‘old tracks.’

  4. How many chances will the world give Lana Del Ray, the static paper-mache synthetic two-chord artist?

  5. Solid performance, me likey.

  6. Ok performance. I don’t hate LDR but she’s not mind blowing…and yeah her material is getting old fast. Millions have been spent pushing this artist while the sound is cool, the live aspect is not that great. Her managers really messed up on the snl thing…I’m sure she was mortified. Sometimes fame comes at a price…she’d better be careful otherwise she’ll be known as a joke forever.

  7. Someone get this girl some spoons.

  8. Is anyone else driven crazy by the way she tries so hard to pronounce words in a cool way?!

    See 1:31 — “I stayed up bwaaauitin”

  9. Tom Jones likes anything if it’s wearing make up and has a heartbeat.

  10. WTF is this what passes for talent these days? Who is buying this crap? Time for real singing to return instead of the posturing and poseurs that Lana represents. Was she invited to these singing competitions as an example of what not to do or as a reminder that sometimes the public eats crap if enough people say its caviar…

  11. Why is it that doing anything on this website reloads the page? That is annoying as all Hell and extremely inefficient.

    Now to the main point. If you don’t like Lana, I have an easy solution for you. Stop reading articles about her, stop watching her performances, and stop listening to her music! Wow! Problem solved!

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