Tay Zonday Covers Weezer. With Weezer.

Didn’t we already exhaust Tay’s 15MB of fame? No. We did not. Because Rivers discovered YouTube, and then hired YouTube’s Most Viewed alum for Weezer’s “Pork And Beans” video, and then had Brian sit down with Tay to do an acoustic “Pork And Beans” for you to Favorite on YouTube. The Zonday performance roll call now includes Girl Talk, Dan Deacon, Lily Allen, and =w=, making his the most interminable 2.0 gag this side of LonelyGirl15. So take it away, Brian and Tay. Take it oh so far away.

The Red Album is out. And let’s be real. That is not Tay’s actual voice. Nor his actual face. It just can’t be.