Smashing Pumpkins - Oceania

Over the weekend, Smashing Pumpkins announced the details for the long-awaited Oceania, something that Billy Corgan spoke to us about late last year. Now, it’s got a tracklist (head below for that) and an album cover (up top).

01 “Quasar”
02 “Panopticon”
03 “The Celestials”
04 “Violet Rays”
05 “My Love Is Winter”
06 “One Diamond, One Heart”
07 “Pinwheels”
08 “Oceania”
09 “Pale Horse”
10 “The Chimera”
11 “Glissandra”
12 “Inkless”
13 “Wildflower”

Some recent live clips of new songs:

(via Rolling Stone)

Oceania is out 6/19 on EMI. The album is considered part of Smashing Pumpkins’ 44-song-long suite Teargarden By Kaleidyscope.

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  1. Michael_  |   Posted on Apr 30th, 2012 +2

    There’s probably a 95% chance I’m going to hate myself come 6/19 for getting over excited about this, but I’m pretty excited about this. I didn’t really mind Zeitgeist and in comparison to all the other songs off this silly 44-song project, Oceania sounds like it’s back to some heavy riffs. I wasn’t digging the flowery, kaleidoscopic material Corgan was slinging our way before this.

  2. These songs are better than Zeitgeist, and I still get this flutter of excitement at the thought of new Smashing Pumpkins, but in the end it’s like everything I get nostalgic about , it never ends up being as good as my memories. Nothing will compare to all the summers I spent listening to Siamese Dream and sometimes I feel sad that there is even new material coming out because there just is no returning to that. But I think maybe it’s my fault for comparing the new and old songs?

    • it is, as siamese dream was damn near 20 years ago. shit changes. but i totally understand where you’re coming from.

      • You’re right., I mean, I embrace differences in albums because a natural progression is preferable to doing the same old thing. Also, some albums are growers and really ahead of their time. I really try to give a few listens and digest new music the way I would some sort of mechanical text I don’t understand yet know that it contains some important information. I guess with everything I heard after Adore, it seemed like Billy was just doing a confused interpretation of what he thought music should be, everything seemed so misguided. Like a 30-year old at a high school party. I’m looking forward to throwing aside that opinion with this new album. Also, 20 years ago? I’m fucking old, how did that happen?

    • Siamese Dream still gives me chills. Listening to that album through a high-quality set of headphones is, sonically, very tough to beat.

  3. man, i can’t wait to listen to this one time.

  4. Zeitgeist was an utter waste of money, thick layered ugly rock without any breathing spaces, beauty or dynamics, which I only bought out of fannishness. But I still have a soft spot for mr Corgan and the stuff he comes up with, so I will give Oceania a fair chance. Won’t buy it blindly though :)

    • I’m with you, Jaco. Not buying it blindly, either. That being said, I’m buying it, as I’ve just borrowed and tested it. Solid. btw, you nailed it with regards to the lack of breathing space on Zeitgeist. That’s it. Wall of guitars just doesn’t do it for me. Siamese Dream knew how to manage the musical space. Oceania seems to be, upon first listen, a grower:)

  5. I’m excited about this, guilt free. I’ve seen them live and this band is solid. I like that Billy is a grumpy, contradictory, curmudgeonly, old school guy. I like that he and whoever he is calling Smashing Pumpkins still make in your face rock music without being ironic about it. I like that some people hate them now and that some younger listeners don’t get it because they don’t remember what was going on during the time Gish, Siamese Dream and Mellon Colly were released. I’ve been listening since the beginning and I’ll listen until the end. Yep. I’m quite looking forward to this album.

  6. ie, not y – crap on a stick I’ve been doing that for almost twenty years.

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