The Black Keys

Anytime you have to ask a question like the one in this headline, the answer is usually a big and obvious “yes.” This time around, though, I’m not so sure. Internet scuttlebutt says that the Pizza Hut ad below sounds uncomfortably close to the Black Keys’ unstoppable stomp “Gold On The Ceiling.” But despite a suspiciously Auerbach-esque “wrroooaaaw” near the end, this one sounds more to me like Generic Rock Music. Check it out below and let us know what you think.

(via We All Want Someone To Shout For)

Of course, the idea that one person’s “Generic Rock Music” might be another’s Black Keys hit doesn’t say anything good about the Black Keys. I like “Gold On The Ceiling” a lot, but I’m just saying.

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  1. No question. Saw this over the weekend and mentioned that Pizza Hut is definitely looking for a lawsuit…

  2. FWIW, “Gold On The Ceiling” translates REALLY well in this BKs arena tour. Just a fun fucking arena rock song. And yes, this commercial is a rip.

  3. I’m more concerned with the fact that pizza can grow toes now.

  4. Great. Now I’m craving “pizza” from Pizza Hut at 10 in the morning. But yes, sounds very similar.

  5. I thought this when I saw this the other day too. Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery?.

  6. Sounds like generic rock music to me… as did the Black Keys last several albums.

  7. It doesn’t rip off the exact notes of “Gold…,” but does rip of the song’s style/rhythm, no question about it.

    • And the Black Keys ripped off John Lee Hooker….so what’s the big difference? Are the Black Keys somehow soooo original, that anything w/3 chords and a 3/4 or 4/4 rock beat is now a Black Keys ripoff? I mean, come on, Johnny Depp played w/them, so how “original” can they possibly be? It’s ridiculous, all this attitude…

  8. They do this all of the time in commercials. I’ve heard generic reimaginings of Blur, Green Day, Naughty By Nature, The White Stripes, 50 Cent, Michael Jackson… etc. I guess as long as they change a few notes in the melody and don’t actually sing the lyrics, it’s legal? Nothing new though.

  9. has Nickelback weighed in yet? They might be the experts on crappy rock

  10. They’re definitely trying to cash in on the Black Keys craze. While it’s an obvious sound-alike, I’m not sure it’s actionable. This kinda thing is pretty common, and the people who commission this stuff usually make sure that they’re different enough to avoid a lawsuit…

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