Animal Collective on The Simpsons

Somebody must have a new music supervisor! Last night’s episode of The Simpsons didn’t feature guest voice-acting from any big indie celebs or anything, but it did open and close with montages set to a couple of songs that may sound familiar. In the opening montage, we hear Hot Chip’s “Boy From School,” while the closing one is set to Animal Collective’s “Winter’s Love.” Check out both below.

I didn’t watch the episode, but you can totally figure out the entire emotional arc from those two scenes. The only thing we don’t really know is how the family ended up in Antarctica.

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  1. Man, I wish I hadn’t watched that second clip (no disrespect AC). Now I’m bummed out!!! There should be some kind of BUMMER BUMPER for that.

    • In the context of the episode, I don’t think it was intentionally a bummer. Bart’s imagined future earlier in the episode was WAY more depressing.

  2. It did feature Treat Williams and Steve Coogan. Great episode btw.

    • Really? I thought the ending totally killed the episode. I mean showing Bart looking at a picture when he is older is akin to it being all a dream. It just felt cheap like we weren’t given a proper conclusion.

      • The conclusion was the hammering home of the message: live life now. That’s what they were trying to accomplish with the ending. It didn’t matter who Bart got there, just that he spent his life living in the moment instead of reflecting on how bored he is/was/will be.

  3. “It made that boy a man”

    Bravo Simpsons.

  4. How insanely appropriate

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