POP ETC - "Live It Up" Video

Earlier this year, the band once known as the Morning Benders changed their name to POP ETC and released a new mixtape. This summer, they’ll follow it up with a self-titled LP, and now they’ve released a self-directed video for first single “Live It Up.” The entire clip consists of carefully-lit close-ups of frontman Chris Chu lip-syncing the song. Is Chu drastically overrating his heartthrob status with this one? You be the judge!

POP ETC is out 6/12.

Comments (8)
  1. “This one goes out to all my groupies!”

  2. I like this, but it sounds like an entirely different band.

  3. Skip.

    Let’s watch that Tennis video again.

  4. feel kind of embarrassed for all parties involved in this.

  5. Auto-tune? I didn’t know that was the kind of pop they were going for. I will withhold judgement til I hear the whole record but damn, can’t help but be disappointed. I really liked Big Echo

  6. There’s not a font big enough to express my feeling of “WTF?!”

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