The Gaslight Anthem - "45"

A couple of years ago, the Gaslight Anthem rose to prominence in circles where straight-ahead, hearty young punk bands barely ever find ways to matter. In modern-rock radio and in cool-kid publications, the aesthetic descendents of the Bouncing Souls might as well not exist, at least when they’re not making dizzily plotted-out concept albums or whatever. And yet there they were, getting huge just by virtue of being great. The Gaslight Anthem’s new album Handwritten is out this summer, and the early track “45″ made its way to the internet today. It’s a huge, surging belter, and it’s enough to convince me that they’re still great. Listen to it below.

Handwritten is out 7/24. Thanks to Michael_ for the tip.

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  1. nice and gritty like their debut, beats anything off their last record, and that one wasn’t too bad – i can dig it

    and i still think the ’59 sound is a perfect album

    • Agreed on all counts, American Slag was by no means an abject failure but it felt too much like a retread of The ’59 Sound except a bit lacking in energy, which is something I can’t accuse this song of. What an absolute barnstromer, really excited to hear the rest of the record now.

      • Oh God holy typo, I obviously meant American Slang.

      • american slang had its moments, but nothing really seemed as cohesive as their first two. speaking of their first two, can i say again, the ’59 sound is perfect in every way?

        and is it just me or did anyone else figure out the vocals mixing on that record is a total nod to the echoey vocals of born in the usa?

  2. Michael_  |   Posted on Apr 30th, 2012 +9

    It’s amazing in a good way how far these guys have come by, as Tom said, just being a great rock band. I’ve been listening to them since they were playing basements, and I’m not even kidding — Their record release show for The ’59 Sound was the loudest show I’d ever been to, to the point that despite wearing earplugs, my ears were ringing the rest of the week and I had to wear heavy duty earplugs 24/7 the next 7 days to fix them because the pitch of female voices’ made the insides of my brains rattle and gave my eyes a dizzying sensation (Wear earplugs to shows — It’s no joke, kids.) Anyhow, I’m not sure what Jaded Punk Hulk (!/JADEDPUNKHULK) thinks of the track, but I think it’s just what the radio needs. They’re on Mercury now, which could mean big things. My hope is they don’t flounder like Against Me! did on the majors, because I’d love to see these Jersey boys headlining festivals to replace the Kings of Leons and Mumford & Sons of the mainstream alternative world.

  3. Really, really good. You can feel this record will have a big stadium-style sound, heard some comments from Brian about it sounding quite Neil Young-esque. Which sounds awesome.

  4. This is definitely one of those “restrain myself from publicly singing along with headphones on on a train” Gaslight Anthem anthems.

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