Xiu Xiu - "Honeysuckle" video

You can always count on Xiu Xiu to make your stomach do funny things. The video for “Honeysuckle,” a dark twinkle of a synthpop song from their recent album Always, focuses on group member Angela Seo as she goes about the mundane business of her day. But somehow, the video finds room for about 20 different disturbing, gut-twisting images — some of which just come from a close-up on the exact wrong thing, some of which seem to exist in Seo’s fantastical brain. Amir Shoucri directs; watch it below.

Always is out now on Polyvinyl; buy it from eMusic.

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  1. Michael_  |   Posted on May 1st, 2012 +3

    No matter how many times they play the disturbing imagery card with their vids, it never gets old. I think it’s because all members of Xiu Xiu tend to be attractive people, so it cancels it out.

    Somehow, Xiu Xiu is making a stop near me next week, which is surprising considering the last time Jamie Stewart rolled through, he ended the set by shouting, “THIS IS THE LAST TIME WE’LL EVER PLAY IN THIS SHITHOLE PLACE AGAIN.”

  2. I’m pretty sure there isn’t a song called “Always” on the album /Always/. I’m also pretty sure this video is for “Honeysuckle.” By “pretty sure” I mean “100% certain.”

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