Twin Shadow - "Five Seconds"

In February, our T. Cole Rachel spoke with Twin Shadow’s George Lewis, Jr., about his as-of-then-untitled album. From their chat:

STEREOGUM: Does the new material feel like a marked departure from what you were doing before?

GL: I know that to me it is the next step, it’s still very much about synthesizers and less of an emphasis on drum machines and more on sampled acoustic drums. So the rhythm section will maybe be the biggest difference, but I’m not really sure. I think it’s just the next step from Forget.

The first glimpse of the new Twin Shadow, the newly-released “Five Seconds,” is pretty much Lewis putting his money where his mouth is, as the song is an uptempo, New Wave-y jam that’s probably the leanest and most swagger-heavy thing he’s done to date. His new one, Confess, is out this summer. Stream it below and nab the download in exchange for an e-mail.

Track list:
01 “Golden Light”
02 “You Call Me On”
03 “Five Seconds”
04 “Run My Heart”
05 “The One”
06 “Beg For The Night”
07 “Patient”
08 “When The Movie’s Over”
09 “I Don’t Care”
10 “Be Mine Tonight”

Bonus: “Mirror In The Dark”

Confess is out 7/10 on 4AD.

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  1. Hey, who let the Top Gun soundtrack out of the 80′s?


  2. Forget was better with every listen. I thought it was a very cohesive album. Looking forward to spending some time with this new one.

    • As much as I love Forget, you almost feel cheated once you hear the songs live. The band has a much more aggressive/muscular sound than on the record, which almost feels flat in comparison. I think this song goes a long way towards capturing their live energy.

  3. fuuuuck yes.

  4. Best news I’ve heard all day. Been waiting a while for this.

  5. really going for the 80s pop thing

  6. Well this is catchy as shit.

  7. C’mon, I listen to The Associates and Simple Minds. How could I NOT like this?

  8. Not gonna lie, I’m on a 48 hour bender right now and read “Sister” instead of “Shadow” and thought, “hey they’re actually giving one of the 3 guys the photo, and I’m really diggin that guy’s Ponyboy swag”. While I’m disappointed that it’s not a guy from Twin Sister trying to emulate a character from The Outsiders, I’m glad I stumbled across the song. Love some 80′s era synth-ballads.

  9. if i said i’ve never even really been an avid Twin Shadow listener, but that i listened to this song at least ten times today, i would not be lying and/or over exaggerating in the least.

    Nor would i be if i said it took me a good four tries to spell “over exaggerating” correctly.

    But for real. This is fucking amazing.

  10. so many people are doing the whole ‘new-wave’ thing lately, and doing a pretty mediocre job…but this guy just nails it.

  11. Intellectual music, tell me what you think -J cole Simba Remix

  12. Sounds great. A pretty obvious step forward on this single from the already great first record. Hope the rest of the album does the same.

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