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  • Courtney Love Art Exhibit
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Courtney Love 'And She's Not Even Pretty' Gallery Exhibit

According to some court documents that recently surfaced, Courtney Love apparently has just about no say in the rights to almost everything about her late husband Kurt Cobain. The Fix reports that Love’s daughter Frances Bean has actually controlled Cobain’s likeness since 2010, the year after Love lost custody of her. Frances has taken over all the rights to the Cobain name, and Love no longer manages End of Music LLC, the business entity that makes money from his publicity rights. She agreed to step down from it in 2010, when she got a $2.75 million loan from Frances’s trust fund, and she won’t make anymore money from Cobain’s name or likeness until she pays it all back. As is the case with so much of Courtney’s present-day public life, everything about this paragraph bums me out severely.

Meanwhile, Courtney owns about a 60% share of a large warehouse full of Kurt’s belongings, while Frances has about 40% of it. And a guy named Larry Mestel of Primary Wave Music owns 100% of the administrative rights to Cobain’s music, which means Courtney has no say over how that music is used now. All the grisly details are here.

Courtney, at the very least, is keeping herself busy. That classic-lineup Hole reunion last month was a good sign. And now she’s got a gallery show, featuring a bunch of her drawings, showing at the New York gallery Fred Torres Collaborations. It’s called “And She’s Not Even Pretty,” and it’ll run through 6/15. You can see some images of her work above. And Scott just went to the opening, so you can ask him how that went.

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  1. Scott, how’d it go?

    • I went to the press preview. She was an hour late, then holed up in a backroom and didn’t want to speak to the press. I met her briefly, though, and she was very nice and claimed to know what Stereogum is.

      • Michael_  |   Posted on May 3rd, 2012 +1

        Saying you met Courtney Love briefly and claiming that she is nice based on said-brief encounter is like meeting your friend’s ex-girlfriend who fucked six of his friends before and after they broke up, hacked into his e-mail and posted defamatory stuff about him all over Facebook and saying “She seemed nice — I didn’t really have a problem with her!” only because she forced out a smile and politely told she heard so many nice things about you, all in a matter of a couple of sentences.

        • This metaphor is way more complicated than it needs to be, because the most appropriate metaphor for “meeting terrible human tragedy and thinking she was nice” is Courtney Love.

          Meeting Courtney Love briefly and thinking she seemed nice is like meeting Courtney Love briefly and thinking she seemed nice.

      • “…holed up…” — lawl!

        “…claimed to know what Stereogum is.” — Nnnoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!

        • Michael_  |   Posted on May 3rd, 2012 0

          No, it’s a good thing — Just think of the entertainment that can come out of offering her a guest post / meltdown, and the comment section traffic gold it will create.

  2. I gotta say, Tom, I’m surprised you seem to still be rooting for Courtney to get it together in all of this. I read this, and my reaction is disappointment that Frances Bean doesn’t control everything regarding her father’s legacy and that she could still one day have to pay her horrible mother royalties. Of course, if that day ever came when Love paid back that money, it would probably mean she finally got her act together so I’d say to that end maybe it wouldn’t be so bad, but it’s a long shot at best.

    Oh, and those drawings look like shit.

    • That’s my lingering affection for Live Through This and Celebrity Skin at work. Courtney was so awesome once upon a time, which really makes everything she does now sting all the harder.

      • That’s what I figured. I was never much a fan of her music so it doesn’t really play into my thinking. I’ve just at the point where I’m not going to waste any brain power thinking/wondering/worrying about Courtney Love. If she wants to go and clean herself up, that’s great for her, but I’m more concerned about the people around her than her own well being.

  3. Michael_  |   Posted on May 3rd, 2012 +5

    The classic-Hole lineup reunion doesn’t sound so much like an earnest good sign to me, but rather Courtney looking for ways to pay back that $2.5 milion.

  4. Any chance she’ll get rid of Kurt singing Bon f*cking Jovi on guitar hero now?

  5. frances bean is totally stealing from frances bean’s trust. –

  6. How sad that Courtney wouldn’t help out Kurt grandpa financially – who at 88 years old writes to fans and lets them visit… and lives in a trailer – how sas that she doesn’t give a shit – we’ll what can you espect from a person who hires someone to kill her husband- Rip Kurt

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