Rick Ross - "Bag Of Money" Video

Rick Ross’s “Bag Of Money” is the first single from Self Made, Vol. 2, his forthcoming Maybach Music compilation, and it’s all about how Ross’s girl looks like a bag of money, which does not actually sound like a good thing for a woman to look like. Ross’s Maybach Music soldiers Wale and Meek Mill show up, as does T-Pain, who hasn’t been up to much lately. The clip shows all of them walking through caves or catacombs or something, only to light some giant trash bags on fire. This is not good for the environment. Watch it below.

(via Nah Right)

Self Made, Vol. 2 is out 6/26 on Maybach Music Group.

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  1. “My girlfriend looks a bit like a bag of money, and a lot like Dog the Bounty Hunter”–Zach Galifianakis.

    Also, this song is terrible.

  2. and that is why people like you that dont understand a damn thing about rap would say. so i guess ur the type that would want to hear WHACK ASS MACHINE GUN KELLY singing bitch imma wild boy call me steve o!!!! LMFAO!!!!!!!!!!! and i guess u think Asher Roth was the shit too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Wow this is what HIP HOP has become, WHACK MUSIC, but good music can’t get any play right! Remember who invented rap music becuz what you youngster dont realize is that it has been around since before 80′s babies where born!!!!!!!!!!! WHACK IS WHACK AND THIS SONG IS NOT THAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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