Every bit of that headline is true. In this simple, one-take footage, the Hawaiian-born, Minnesota-based singer-songwriter and the Shins’ frontman do a pretty duet on “Something About Your Love” from Jennings’s sixth full-length In The Ever. Please note the awesomely chill bearded guy, who is not Will Oldham, but who is sitting by the side, letting this tall glass of mellow wash over him like a warm breeze.

Why were they in Chile? Well, this is posted over at Mason’s Myspace:

I just got back from Patagonia and Austin. I was in Patagonia because Emmett Malloy invited me and James Mercer to come down and experience the awesomeness of it and work on some songs for a movie he and his cousin Chris are working on down there. It will come out next year and it is called 180 Degrees South. I will let the movie explain itself. It was an amazing adventure. Sleeping on glacial river banks, hiking into remote mountains, drinking from aqua lakes, and singing with Gauchos
around a fire each night with a wonderful group of friends. We had to take 4 flights and a 18 hour drive on dirt roads to get where we were. On our down time we also shot a video for my new record and James and I
recorded some stuff too. It was an incredible experience. I am grateful for this beautiful earth.

When Jennings does this song in front of an audience, sans Mercer, a lot of women whistle. Take note here. You can listen to the studio version, along with some other In The Ever tracks at Mason’s MySpace.

In The Ever is out now via Brushfire. Yes, Jack Johnson runs this label. Yes, after listening to that song and reading that note, this makes much sense.

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  1. Sean Jean  |   Posted on Jun 5th, 2008 0

    Actually, Mercer is Hawaiian-born as well. Represent the 808.

  2. I’ve enjoyed watching Mason Jennings career blossom over the years. It shows what hard work and dedication can do for ya. Having said that, I do feel slightly less than manly listening to this, and a number of his other songs.. still good though

  3. Chadams  |   Posted on Jun 5th, 2008 0

    I saw Mason Jennings open up for Jack Johnson in 2001/2 and wasn’t impressed – I should see if he’s gotten better.

    Also, what is up with performing in moving vehicles? First there was the overposting re: Black Cab sessions and now it’s a bus – I don’t get the big deal over music and transportation.

  4. Warren J  |   Posted on Jun 5th, 2008 0

    Music moves the soul…

    Drive on, Progress, and be stolen by the beautiful melody!

  5. I enjoyed this, being a Mason Jennings fan since Use Your Voice and Boneclouds . . . he and Mercer have a surprisingly complimentary harmonies, teetering on the verge of breaking, but it works for me. I’m curious to hear their recordings together.

  6. sol  |   Posted on Jun 5th, 2008 0

    James Mercer was in this side of the globe? on a bus? couldn’t he come to Argentina and maybe play a show? maybe please?

  7. Ed  |   Posted on Jun 6th, 2008 0

    The bearded guy is surfer Keith Malloy, I think thats his brother Dan next to him.

  8. I saw Mr. Jennings at a theatre in St. Cloud, Minn., last fall, and it was a great experience. He has an incredible live voice, and the whole show had a tremendous feeling to it. This track sounds like a great song to kick off the summer at the lake.

  9. gimme  |   Posted on Jun 6th, 2008 0

    meh, boring, give me some victor jara instead

  10. urrm…… ??

  11. famous james  |   Posted on Jun 6th, 2008 0

    man, this is blandtastic

  12. bardo  |   Posted on Jun 13th, 2008 0

    chadams your a idiot ive seen mason many times and i couldnt imagine saying i was not impressed get some taste buddy

  13. Rodrigo  |   Posted on Jul 16th, 2008 0

    james mercer in chile? comeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee with the shins please, we are waiting for you guys, please consider a little tour in southamerica.


  14. javier  |   Posted on Jul 20th, 2008 0

    c’mon.. I feel cheated… PLEASE DO A SHOW HERE!!!

  15. MERCER? HERE IN CHILE?!!!! WHY THE HELL HE DIDNT COME WITH THE SHINS. im a big fan of the shins and it would be awesome to have them playing round here *O*

  16. js  |   Posted on Jan 8th, 2010 0

    this vid is kind of boring, but it *is* an awesome song on record. i’ve seen mason a couple times at first ave in minneapolis, and he’s great live.

    the chill bearded dude is pro surfer keith malloy, with his brother dan. they’re both in 180 south (the director, chris malloy, is their brother).

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