Watch Drake Join The Weeknd In Hollywood

Drake showed up at the Weeknd’s Saturday night gig at Hollywood Forever Cemetery to link up for Take Care’s “Crew Love” as well as Thursday’s “The Zone.” MissInfo reports that this was the first time they’ve performed the songs live together, so, yeah, people flipped out a little. Watch it below.

Take Care is out now on Young Money and available at eMusic.

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  1. Michael_  |   Posted on May 7th, 2012 +1

    “…so, yeah, people flipped out a little.”

    I heard Estelle Getty and Johnny Ramone were rolling over in their graves.

    • Johnny Ramone is a fan of The Weeknd cause he has ears.

      • Michael_  |   Posted on May 7th, 2012 0

        You have a tendency of taking everything I write and twisting it around to mean something negative. You obviously completely missed the punchline when I drew a connection between the words “people flipped out” and deceased cemetery inhabitants “rolling over in their graves.”

  2. I was there! And this wasn’t even the highlight. The Weeknd is a talented dude.

  3. His Coachella set (weeknd 2) was a “I could take it or leave it” situation. Glad to hear the Hollywood Forever set was better. (Also: interesting venue??)

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