Passion Pit - "Take A Walk"

The joyous, crazy-popular synth-rockers Passion Pit are gearing up to release their sophomore album Gossamer this summer. This morning, first single “Take A Walk” hits the internet, and it’s a big, drippy, emotive track that talks about financial troubles and suburban alienation. Give it a listen below.

Gossamer is out 7/24 on Columbia.

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  1. I’m sure this is just a prelim- pre-mastered/mixed version, but I really can’t deal with how those high-mids are pumping out over the vocals. I feel like I’m losing all the beautiful detail in his voice that I loved on the first album.

  2. Michael_  |   Posted on May 7th, 2012 +1

    I’m just happy to hear he’s leaning away from the falsetto act of the band’s earlier material. It was kind of a love-it-or-hate-it deal he had going on for him, but now that they’re sounding less like an acquired taste, it’ll be easier to stomach for all. Passion Pit never sounded innovative to me, however — I think “of the moment” would be the best way to describe their style. The music itself isn’t a huge leap — I’ll be interested to see if they hold up to their words about having a heavy dubstep influence this time around. Given how trounced upon “dubstep” has become recently, not sure if that’s in the plans anymore.

  3. I’m just glad to know that the next time I see them, they will have some new material to play. They had been doing their live show playing the exact same songs for over two years. You knew that they were working on a new album, but you didn’t know when it was going to come out. I agree, this is not the best song they’ve recorded and it doesn’t quite live up but I think we can all agree there’s something to be happy about that they will have some new music soon. You can assume that with the way above average debut they had and the amount of time they’ve spent in the studio that this album will more than likely be respectable and intriguing at the very least. I love Passion Pit and cannot wait to see them at Governor’s Ball.

  4. Oh god, cliche/kitchy feel good lyrics with ambiguous, non-offensive political references, poor production value, forgettable melody, Jason Mraz eat your heart out.

  5. I guess I shouldn’t be surprised that this sucks so much, but I still sort of am.

    • Really? This is exactly what I expected. I love it, personally… seems like exactly where these guys would’ve gone with their Sophomore.. Have hope for the LP it might surprise you.

  6. i love passion pit, but this song royally blows. hopefully not a representation of the whole album.

  7. Huh, I’m a bit surprised by the backlash here.

    The track is poorly mixed, yeah, and that stomp that gyrates throughout the song is far too loud and repetitive but the song’s still a fun summer jam – and I’m not even that big on Passion Pit.

  8. Is the anthemic “Take A Walk” refrain Passion Pit trying to get on some fun.-like commercial success? That’s the only way I could explain this steaming turd.

    Anyway, still hopeful for the album. This seems like exactly the sort of track you release before the summer festival season, which makes sense since they released it before the summer festival season.

  9. Love it. Sounds great on headphones. Going for some clear meaningful lyrics – which i don’t mind.

  10. Love it! Sounds even more like MGMT than they already did.

  11. This songs a good time! i like the fact that the lead singers vocal are less shriek-y and grating this go round.

  12. Post-recession lyricism gets me so wet.

  13. I like it, sounds like a natural progression to make from Manners but still sounds like a Passion Pit song. Not sure how some people can be so offended that Passion Pit made a big, syrupy, emotional pop song, since Manners was filled with them.

  14. I really liked Manners when I was in college, but this doesn’t do it for me. i think that it seems to try to hard to get the whole recession thing into our heads, but you know half their fans only want to hear Sleephead type shtuffff. This isn’t terrible, but it’s rubbing me in all sorts of no zones.

  15. The song is a grower. Hated it at first, but now I’m digging it a little. The album art is pretty lame though. Really lame, actually.

  16. not as good as I had anticipated…c’mon passion pit, I was rootin’ for ya!

  17. Don’t mind the lo-fi sound, the mixing, or the new aesthetic. Don’t mind that he dropped the falsetto because I actually like these vocals. Just think this song is plain boring. Halfway through it I was tired of it and had no desire to listen to the rest. Now that I’m done I have no desire to listen to it again anytime in the near future.

    I really liked Manners because everything on it grabbed you. I feel like there’s nothing here. It’s just vanilla. It’s alright for vanilla but there’s nothing else. And the chorus is incredibly underwhelming. You took a walk? Did you?

    Fucking boring.

    • Yeah he took a walk, just like the Beatles want to hold your hand and the Beach Boys get around. not that the song is anywhere near those levels but it’s a pretty shitty reason to dislike a song.

  18. Stick a fork in Passion Pit: They’re done.

    • A…”Pitch”fork perhaps?

      I’m sorry I couldn’t resist. Now if you’ll excuse I’ve got to batten down the hatches, a storm of downvotes is coming this way

  19. I didn’t really like “Manners” much, but enjoyed this song.

  20. Yeesh. This sounds rather uninspired.

  21. Man, people REALLY seem to dislike this song. I find this bewildering because I usually agree with what most people think about everything…

    I think this is an EXCELLENT tune. Lyrics that are provocative but not stilted, and an earworm melody and hook, it’s ripe for remixes.

    Plus I saw them do it live a few weeks ago and I can honestly say it rocks a LOT harder live than this version.

  22. I like it, it’s a hella catchy fun summer song. Don’t be to serious it’s supposed to be a simple tune, give it a chance. I’m actually pumped for this album

  23. well it’s hard not to be serious about it with lyrics like that…

    i dunno. big turn-off for me.

    • honestly i hadnt even really paid attention to the lyrics until your comment. I dont think they hold too much gravity, more like a simple story of an modern american immagrant, and it does end with a hopefull verse which holds true to the songs feeling. i dont feel like the lyrics really add much to the song but they didnt negatively influence me either, each to their own.

  24. yikes. this is sh*t….

  25. oh no, this song is terrible. colombia must have sent michael a mixtape of foster the people, fun., and group love and a picture of money burning on a bonfire. this couldn’t have been more obviously molded and controlled by record execs. i hope the backing band hates it as much as we do. plain white tees bullshit. so sad, was so excited to hear it.

  26. A song about fiscal matters? Yawn…I’m already old…I don’t want my music to reflect this.

  27. It’s the difference between writing a song because you were struck by something and needed to express that thought/emotion and writing a song because you really need to get another album out.

  28. It’s the 21st century version of Don Henley’s “The End of Innocence”. Grow up and enjoy your coming of age.

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