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  • 7 Fashions Kanye Hates
"I hate button up shirts with hoodies."

Even though people in New York couldn’t see this week’s Supermoon, we were given another gift from the universe: a new Kanye West Twitter rant. It was abbreviated, but potent.

Load up “I Don’t Like” and hit the slideshow for some looks Kanye hates.

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  1. To be completely honest, I’m not entirely sure what to make of the “RnB beard lineup/Sideburns” bit so I just put a pic of Usher’s beard/sideburns combo in there. Yours, Corban.

  2. Michael_  |   Posted on May 7th, 2012 +4

    So basically he should have just tweeted “I hate everything that white yuppie males wear.”

  3. heads up, the twitter rant link also goes to the gawker post

  4. Always thought Tiduh hated witchcraft. F’n muggle.

  5. T-shirt, flannel, Levis, sambas. Every goddamn day. Damn it feels good to be average.

  6. Kanye frequently tells Jay-Z that “No one has gotten laid in cargo shorts since ‘Nam.”

  7. Weirdly though he’s not against dress length t-shirts with leather trim or a row of gold and diamond teeth…

  8. I hate Kanye West.

  9. Look at this peacoat tell me he’s broke.

  10. People still do the blazer/hoodie combo? I thought that died with faux-hawks at the end of the ’00s.

  11. he’s so gifted at finding what he doesn’t like the most

    i would have preferred some ye love for MCA – two recent kanyes I don’t like

    get it?
    fuckattahere. :()


  12. When Kanye said,”I hate sport coats with button up shirts, jeans and dress shoes.”, did he mean looks like this…? Hypocrite, trash, piece-of-sh!t

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