Grimes - "Vanessa" (New Version)

Vanessa” is one of the best songs from Grimes’ young catalog, but it’s also one of the oldest, so it’s probably no surprise that Claire Boucher decided to tweak it some in a recent live performance for the BBC, making it a little sparer and tighter. Listen to that below and while you’re there, check out the Kuhrye-oo video for “Give In (For The Fame) that Boucher co-directed and appears in.

Visions is out now on 4AD/Arbutus. The Six Flags location from the Kuhrye-oo is indeed the same one from this spooky video depicting the abandoned New Orleans Six Flags, a ruin of an amusement park that couldn’t be resuscitated post-Katrina.

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  2. love this girl but whens she gonna stop murdering her poor hair:(

  3. Prefer the old version. This one has too much going on.

  4. give me back the old version anytime. this one feels pretentious.

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