The Beach Boys on Fallon

Last night on Late Night With Jimmy Fallon, an understandably excited Fallon played host to the Beach Boys, back together with resident visionary Brian Wilson for the first time in decades. Fallon turned over a huge chunk of the show to the band. They played three songs: The all-time classics “In My Room” and “Wouldn’t It Be Nice” and the shockingly strong comeback single “That’s Why God Made The Radio.” And in between all that, Fallon interviewed longtime bandmates and enemies Wilson and Mike Love together. It’s weird seeing these two interactive, not that different from seeing Roy Scheider and the shark from Jaws acting all buddy-buddy on TV 45 years later — that is, if the shark did most of the talking and said a ton of nice things about Scheider while Scheider just sort of sat there blinking. Watch the interview and all three performances below.

The Beach Boys’ new album That’s Why God Made The Radio is out 6/5 on Capitol.

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  1. They sounded amazing. Sure, they’re showing their age but overall, I was very impressed. And while Brian and Mike’s voices have deteriorated a little bit, Al Jardine sounds just like he did 40 years ago.

  2. is jimmy fallon becoming a better host?

    • He’s become the best late night talk show host in my opinion, even better than Conan.

    • I have to say, when I heard he was getting his own show I was annoyed because he ruined so many skits on SNL with his inability to stay in character. I interpreted this not as mere ineptitude but as a cry for attention. Apparently the problem all along was indeed that, as part of an ensemble, he could not always be the focal point. I actually enjoy watching his show as long as I never think about the reason he is so good at it (his self-centered nature).

  3. damn, Brian Wilson kept zoning out during that interview

  4. What’s with Brian Wilson not singing lead on “Wouldn’t It Be Nice”? I know Al Jardine took over lead on that song in Brian’s absence and he sounds great…but Brian is right there!

  5. It’s beautiful seeing them together. Wish Dennis was there.
    Mike always looks awkward without an instrument.

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