Metallica Preview New Album, Try To Wipe Internet Clear Of Reactions

The other day we mentioned Metallica’s forthcoming Guitar Hero. Of course, they also have a forthcoming record. Dave Grohl wrote a non-letter about it. So, the band gave some London-area journalists the chance to listen to part of the new album recently, but as Blinded By The Hype discovered, they then tried to erase the responses from the Internet. The case they investigated is an expunged review by UK bloggers The Quietus. Remember, though, the Internet doesn’t erase that easily.

Via Blinded By The Hype:

Yesterday UK bloggers The Quietus posted a preview of the new Metallica album after hearing it at an invite-only session in London. Their coverage — which you can still find here — is a relatively fair piece that discusses the hardship of being a Metallica fan some twenty odd years after their epic, And Justice for All.

It came as something of a surprise then to find that the internet had been expunged of any coverage of the event. We emailed The Quietus editor Luke Turner about what happened. He gave this response:

The story behind the removal of the article runs as follows: Metallica held an album listening party for selected music journalists in London this Wednesday past. One of the writers was kind enough to write a piece about the album which, if you were lucky enough to read it before it was taken down, was full of praise about a return to form. At no point was the writer ask[ed] to sign a non-disclosure agreement. The Quietus and other websites ran pieces on the album, but were quickly contacted by Metallica’s management via a third party and told to remove the articles. The Quietus kept our article up the longest and, as no non-disclosure agreement had been signed, [was] not prepared to remove it merely due to the demands of Metallica’s management. We only eventually removed the article earlier today to protect the professional interests of the writer concerned (the piece was written anonymously). Seems Metallica’s fear of the internet shows no sign of abating.

Good work. We know Metal Hammer also previewed the album, though we can’t find their thoughts on it either. Oh, wait, here. And Rock Sound heard it, too, but that’s also gone. Oh, no it’s not. By the way, the word on the cache is that for this new album Metallica’s evoking their more classic period, getting back to longer passages, etc. Whatever the case, I’m curious to hear it, which I haven’t said about a Metallica album in a long time.

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