Maximo Park - "Hips And Lips" Video

Theatrical British postpunkers Maxïmo Park have a new album called The National Health coming out next month. The entire video for their new song “Hips And Lips” is given over to a spazzing-out lip-sync from a Maxïmo Park superfan named Tom, who apparently is so dedicated to this particular band that he’s covered his entire room in their merchandise. I’m not sure there’s a person alive who’s this dedicated to Maxïmo Park in real life. Like, wouldn’t even the biggest psychotic Maxïmo Park fan have a Franz Ferdinand poster somewhere in there? Regardless, you can watch the video below.

That was a fun surprise-ending reveal at the end there. The National Health is out 6/11.

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  1. aside from the horrible title, good video, even better song

  2. Pretty sure that’s Thomas Turgoose from “This Is England”

  3. Never particularly liked Maximo Park before, but I love this song!

  4. What with this and National Health, my expectations of Maximo Park’s slow decline and eventual disappearance has been shown to be frankly, pretty idiotic.

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