Bono At The Living Room, NYC

Most NYC show-goers have dipped into the Living Room at some point or another: maybe to see a favorite touring singer-songwriter, or a big rock star try a stripped down and intimate set, or to see a friend or sibling, or to ask for directions to Pianos. It’s an institution of the Lower East Side at this point, and surprise appearances there are relatively commonplace and largely undocumented, but something about that venue’s tendency to house the world’s biggest talents on one of the world’s smallest stages is really perfectly framed by the idea of Bono singing to like 100 people over the strums of an acoustic with no forewarning. This happened last night, as the U2 singer joined countryman Glen Hansard on “The Auld Triangle,” a video capture of which you can watch here:

For a more detailed fan-recap of the experience, head to American Songwriter. For more on the song, which was written by Dominic Behan and subsequently recorded and released by Behan and Hansard in 2010, try this link.

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  1. One wrote the music for a Broadway show nominated for 11 Tonys, the other wrote the music for Spiderman.

    Together they are… pretty good.

  2. The Auld Triangle was written by Brendan Behan, who’s been dead since ’64.

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