Meet Nigel Godrich's New Band, Ultraísta

Nigel Godrich is best known for being behind the boards for a slew of seminal rock records, things like Radiohead’s Kid A and Beck’s Sea Change. He’s also a practicing musician that you’ve probably seen manning some electronic rig as one of the pieces in Thom Yorke’s Atoms For Piece ensemble, and lately he’s been rolled up into another mysterious group called Ultraísta. Head below to hear “Smalltalk,” a percussive piece of electronica that serves as a platform for some spare, poppy Lykke Li-like vocals.

Here’s the accompanying video:

There’s not much there yet, but Ultraísta has a web page set up as well a Facebook page, a Tumblr and a Twitter.

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  1. whenever i listen to stereolab this is what i wish it sounded like

  2. So nigel godrich has got the vocals then?

  3. well Broadcast is gone, this sounds like a fair replacement…though i’m a little weary of producer projects like that Mark Ronson nob…but it IS Nigel G, can NOT be bad:)

  4. Kinda nice. Not really moving me too much. I can imagine Thom singing on it, though. And I can hear a bit of electronic Radiohead/Eraser in there, too.

  5. Everything sounds good with the Vitamin C beat.

    • crabtron  |   Posted on May 10th, 2012 0

      Finally bought that album a couple weeks ago, and “Vitamin C” was exactly what I thought of when I heard this beat. Decent tune though.

  6. I want some Thom Yorke vox on this so badly.

  7. Nice one bruv

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