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Last summer we posted a photo from Major Lazer’s visit to No Doubt laboratories, where Diplo and Switch made nice with Gwen Stefani’s crew and, according to @NoDoubt’s tweet that day, worked on a collabo track called “Push And Shove.” That demo has survived every subsequent production, label, and band meeting to the point that it’s official recording is the subject of this little webisode in which No Doubt look incredibly well preserved and discuss the means via which this artist-merger came to pass. (Hint: Jimmy Iovine.) You’ll hear bits of the song, paired with confessionals from Tony and Gwen, in the embed below:

The new No Doubt album is due in September, with its first single out this July.

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  1. Michael_  |   Posted on May 10th, 2012 +4

    I’ll give it a listen when it arrives. Rock Steady was a really fresh pop album when it came out — all the non-singles synth tracks were ahead of their time and probably would have been Billboard-topping years later — and hearing that they’ve been working with Major Lazer shows me their head is still in the game to sound with the times. It’s just taken forever for them to get this out, though, so for their benefit, here’s hoping it all doesn’t sound stale by the time September arrives.

  2. So excited for the electronic laced track that they’re working on. It sounds much different than Tragic Kingdom and certainly more different than the more pop and r&b influences records from the past few years. I’d say that it sounds more like the 90s track “New” than anything else.


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