Shut Up, Dude 5/11

Welcome to another edition of Shut Up, Dude, our rundown of the highest and lowest rated comments of the past week. Since last round, we posted about new tracks by Animal Collective, Passion Pit, the Walkmen, and Sigur Rós, along with some weightier matters that provoked heavy discussion. Dive in below to see how it all panned out.



Ian Benson | May 7th Score:26

It’s nice to see that Animal Collective is as excited for the Dark Knight Rises as I am.

Posted in: Animal Collective – “Honeycomb” & “Gotham”

Michael Sadler | May 4th Score:26

Your Ill Communication is forgiven.

Posted in: Shut Up, Dude: This Week’s Best And Worst Comments

Van Pierszalowski | May 9th Score:28

What is with the snarky, judgemental, bro-like tone of this report? This is an amazingly brave move by a singer in a very macho, male-oriented scene and industry, and its treated like some sort of WTF moment. Honestly, the only thing you take away from this is that you hope her voice doesn’t change? Please show some respect to this brave person. “She, I guess.” “So: Good her, I guess?” What do you mean “you guess?” I expected more from this website.

Posted in: Against Me! Frontman To Change Genders

Kevin Wyckoff | May 9th Score:28

“This is apparently a real thing” “Good for her? I guess?”

I’m pretty disappointed by the tone of this article. I’m very appreciative of Mr/Mrs Gabel’s courage. Sometime in the future, this will be as prevalent as the current gay-rights issue and the historic women’s rights issue.

Posted in: Against Me! Frontman To Change Genders
#6 raptor jesus | May 4th Score:28

At least on the Foster the People fail, the contestants just shrugged.

Just the idea of LMFAO being an answer to ANYTHING on Jeopardy! is painful.

“This group is the most hated group in the entire World.”

“What is LMFAO?”

“No, I’m sorry, the answer is Nazis…. Nazis.”

Posted in: Jay-Z Jeopardy! Fail
#5 kilgore trout | May 4th Score:31

That’s not an example of hyperbole. I think the literary device you utilized is commonly referred to as “bullshit”.

Posted in: R.I.P. Adam Yauch
#4 raptor jesus | May 4th Score:33

You know you’re a terrible rubberjohnny imitator when you have the #1 comment of the week.

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Brad Walker | May 9th Score:35

So good for her, yes, no question. What the hell?

Posted in: Against Me! Frontman To Change Genders
#2 mjhk75 | May 9th Score:36

this has gotta be quite the headfuck for ignorant assholes hahahahaha i’m mean sorry but wow, thank god i’m not you:)

Posted in: Against Me! Frontman To Change Genders
#1 kilgore trout | May 4th Score:39

Let explain to you how this works Andrew, because you clearly have no idea.

One, none of us know your aunt, so we’re not going to go around making jokes about her dying when she does.

Two, IF we did. The joke would be something relevant to the person and there life. Something everyone knows about. Like for example, Let’s say your aunt loved playing golf but she sucked at it. I might say “Well, looks like Jesus is going to watch himself on the golf course now that Andrew’s aunt is in the group behind him.”

What you did, not only was it not funny, but it was a sarcastic jab that had nothing really to do with Adam or the Beastie Boys. You just used his death to take a shot at Coachella.

So, you see, your dickish comment and your general inability to understand why it was dickish is why everyone hates you here.

Posted in: R.I.P. Adam Yauch



Andrew Schneider | May 4th Score:-44

I guess I’ll just take my morbid humor back to the metal blogs where news death is still awesome and hilarious. Indie blogs are sooooo puss.

Posted in: R.I.P. Adam Yauch

Davey Pants | May 9th Score:-46

Then why the tatts? and why wasn’t he more effeminate looking a la Ziggy Bowie? odd. this has gotta be quite the headfuck for their band’s fans hahahahaha i’m mean sorry but wow, thank god i’m not one of them:)

Posted in: Against Me! Frontman To Change Genders

Andrew Schneider | May 4th Score:-50

OK, so when my aunt dies from her brain tumor next week, I’ll let everyone on stereogum here know so no one tries to make funny comments for a while. This is the internet, pretty sure that’s exactly where you are supposed to be funny about terrible things. Yes it sucks he died, sorry everyone. I’ll shut up now.

Posted in: R.I.P. Adam Yauch

Andrew Schneider | May 4th Score:-67

People die every day, get over it. It sucks, but if you can’t laugh then whats the point

Posted in: R.I.P. Adam Yauch

Andrew Schneider | May 4th Score:-114

It’s OK, they can just hologram him

Posted in: R.I.P. Adam Yauch


Davey Pants | May 10th Score:11

Hands down THE wackiest pussy ring commercial i’ve ever seen…i’m buying 20!

Posted in: Grimes – “Nightmusic” Video (NSFW)


djfreshié | May 10th Score:12

The Originals -> The New Originals -> the Thamesmen -> Spinal Tap

Posted in: 11 Classic Bands Who Changed Their Names
Comments (94)
  1. why am i banned lol?

    • Rubberjohnny, I’m really starting to think that you have been a parody account all along. If you were a real guy you would have made some obnoxious comments in the Against Me! post. Because you are actually a really smart guy trying to be funny, you realized that would have maybe crossed the line and you stayed away. Also, your avatar is the 10th pic on google images under emo haircut.

      If this has been obvious to everyone else the entire time I apologize for this comment, but he had me going at least for a little bit. Actually I thought at first RJ for real and then started playing it up because he realized he could get a laugh, but now I realize that RubJo was a genius from the start.

      • i just said i couldn’t fucking post last week dude. i was banned!! and what the hell are you talking about emo haircut? are you a cat? lol. i’m not even emo

      • I’m glad someone else said this. I was essentially told that I was stating the obvious when I pointed it out, but lots of people downvote the Hell out of him and seem genuinely offended by what he says, so there’s still a ridiculous number of people who just never got it.

  2. wait.. not banned anymore? what’s up with this? i couldn’t post a single comment last week. i tried to post like 10 but said awaiting moderation every time. am i unbanned???

    • You’re unbanned!
      Try not to call everyone a fag, or you’ll be stuck in the moderation queue again, Johnny!

      Meanwhile, where’s rubberjohnny0839?

      Maybe this blog wasn’t big enough for the both of you.

    • Maybe they meant to ban your imitator?

      Either way, on behalf of the small populace that understands your genius: Welcome Back.

      • How long has everyone known he was never for real? I’m seriously asking, I feel kinda dumb…

        • His username is slang for a condom.

          And that avatar? I LOVE IT when commenters get so up in arms about how he “supposedly” looks in that picture. Dude, if it was really him, he’d probably just use his Facebook login. Why make a custom user profile with a unique username and then just slap a picture of yourself as your avatar?

          And the hilarious numbers at the end of his username like he’s using AIM circa 1999… Everything about RubJohn is LoL-worthy, but the reactions he gets out of casual commenters is just priceless.

          • At least I always thought he was hilarious, just didn’t realize it was intentional.

            The real question is who is his alter ego? If it’s a parody account he must be a multi accounter right?

          • It doesn’t matter who rubberjohnny really is. There’s a little bit of him in all of us. Today, we are all rubberjohnny.

  3. maybe for the first comment or so, after that I was just goin for broke. I also take no offense to the threats on my life in the thread, as I said…this is the internet and that’s what it’s for.

    • i stand by my assertion that you were so totally unnecessarily attacked for an innocuous joke. Don’t take it personal, a lot of peeps like to be pretend offended by silly shit. It’s not the downvotes that even matter, it’s the unnecessary conversation. It’s telling that the highest rated comment is someone explaining how being offended works. Ridiculous, guys! I am disappoint.

      • It was pretty harmless, but if you are going to make a joke about a guy an hour after he dies it had better be way more original than that one. Freshie is correct about the outraged comments but the -114 was deserved.

        • I still don’t see the joke being at the expense of MCA though. A -114 comment should be “MCA was a dick and we’re better off without him”

          which, you know what…I still wouldn’t downvote because it’s an opinion. As much as I loved the Beasties I really don’t take offense when someone feels otherwise. Neither of us knew the guy personally. Again it’s the Steve Jobs scenario – technically speaking, I feel that guy was a dick and we’re better off without him. I probably wouldn’t rush to an apple-focused forum and write that, but whatever. My opinion is still as valid as the alternative. Death doesn’t equal martyrdom. If you know people involved you owe them your thoughts and patience. That’s about all anyone is owed. The dead don’t feel. They don’t read Stereogum either.

          Anyways, all I’m saying is that I’m disappointed in the reaction to that particular comment. Not the follow up, but the single initial joke alone was simply not offensive enough to deserve that level of scorn.

          • I think it WAS a -114 comment because the joke was SO hacky(cuz I’m obviously a brilliant comedy writer). Hologram jokes were played out an hour after they started, which was almost a month ago. Even if it was about someone who had been dead for several years who no one liked it would have deserved downvotes.

            I think you are making a slightly different point than me. You are saying that a. the comment wasn’t offensive, which it really wasn’t, and b. you shouldn’t downvote someone just because they have a different opinion than you. I agree with you on that one only if the dissenting opinion is well thought out. I made a few comments about how Steve Jobs was a D too, but I gave a few reasons for it. I didn’t just say, “who the fuck is this guy” or something like that. Also what I think you are forgetting is downvoting someone is so easy, it’s just one click. I don’t think it necessarily signifies a strong opinion one way or another. Sometimes it’s just fun to press buttons.

      • My comment was more explaining why his comment was inappropriate because it was not funny. Andrew was immediately making the assumption that he was getting downvoted just because he made a joke right front and center after MCA died. The truth is, he was getting downvoted because he made an unfunny joke.

        • not the case. the unfunniness of the joke was deserving of a -5, maybe. the -114 undoubtedly came from people getting their collective panties in a twist over someone saying something other than “i’m sooooo sad” or “i will be listening to paul’s boutique all day.”

    • actually big D thinks it was really stupid to be a such a toilet licker after someone important to a lot of people died. no class. It’s ridiculous that anyone threatened your life, but maybe “this is what the internet is for”?

      at the end of the day acceptance is really the only option guys when someone displays complete and absolute classlessness and a lack of humanity. acceptance isn’t approval though and you’ve got some fucking changes to make. learn from this and don’t be such an fartnug – for seris. the internet is only for being an asshole if you use it to be an asshole, like most things in life, broski. i use the internet to make others feel shame. I’ve got some changes to make, sure, but i’m a loving human. i feel compassion when someone dies. “there’s enough hate out there, and we need more luv and shit” – beatles. and they’re right, but I like to say, “don’t hate the player, and don’t hate anyone, beb.”

      something to think about, Schneiders meats.

      - lil titz

  4. Am I the only one that thought that Andrew’s jokes were directed more towards holograms than MCA himself?

  5. My fourth comment ever and I made it to #2, not too shabby. Time to start gunnin’ for that #1 spot!

    • over my dead dummy.

    • Listen, bitch. If you think you can just waltz on in here and steal my #1 (or anything) glory, well.. you’re.. …you’re… …probably f***’in right!

      In all seriousness, FUCK you bro. In all sarcasticness, great job. Wait other way around. Wait FUCK me…

      No seriously, congrats bro.

  6. Holy fuck, I’m on here!

  7. congrats to my bois big RJC (aka DinoGod, aka tyranochristasaurus, aka lord o’ da dinos, aka mr. stinky dink, aka the God) and big KillTrout (aka KT, aka Mr. Vonnie G, aka Al Gore Kill Trout, aka the ball breaka, aka mr. dolla bill up ur urethra, aka mr. giggles) i’ve been drinking

    really miss the beastie boys.

    • Been missen’ your posts DT! (This post proof of just that)

      I feel your Beasties pain. I never even got to see them live! I like most everyone else grew up with the B-Boys and there is no way around how much it sucks.

      This past weekend listening to Paul’s Boutique on loop, it’s so odd now having to recognize MCA’s voice as that of a ghost. Yet, it being what it is now, it kinda sounds cool? This 3rd voice lurking in the background of their songs, forever pure and strong.

      The one B-Boys line that kept resonating with me all weekend, which has always been a favorite, because it now takes on a spooky extra meaning is:

      “He thrusts his fists against the post and still insists he sees a ghost.”
      We’ll get through this together. SGUM family4life.

      • fucka I’ve been missing you more. that’s a promise.

        that was beautiful about the beastie beastie boys. I was obsessed for probe 8 solid years. also never got to see them live – was thwarted by mike d’s bike accident like so many others. I fell off my beastie o’session in the past few years, what with all the p4k best new tracks and best new musics – who has time for anything old. But i put the time into some beasties this week and it almost brought tear out of ol’ dd’s eyes which made me angry –> sadness again.

        muchmusic (canadian mtv/dogshit) used to play the glasgow show from the in the round tour which i taped on VHS (which was a format that ate Beta but before DVD) and must have watched over 50 times which is the closest I ever got…….. its just such a bummer. i think pitchfork’s afterword really summed it up, along the lines of inclusive cool and a celebration of friendship. not many rappers bring so much positivity to the game, and they were just real as fuck. what a loss. sometimes i think that if DinoJC was the official jesus christ, this never would have happened.


  8. It was a very negative week for the boards of ‘gum. Some of it was warranted some not, hopefully next week we’re all off our period and things will be a little nicer.

  9. Michael_  |   Posted on May 11th, 2012 +5

    Congratulations, to kilgore trout on a new number one. He explained something to someone in a pretty rational and respectable way and it’s great that he (she, I guess?) felt the need to do so since no other major Stereogum commenters have done this before.

    So: Good for her? I guess? My main takeaway from this, beyond the obvious surprise newcomer #1, is that I’m hoping kigore trout’s rational tone won’t change the comment section inimitable bleat of sarcasm.

    On a final word, I think this is where my ride finally stops. Earlier today, I no longer was able to access Stereogum and this time it’s probably not an issue that is going to get fixed. Sure, I can make appearances later at night, but that’s usually when everyone’s gone home for the day. So, for the hundredth time and probably my last, goodbye my Stereogum friends. I’ll be lost without you and will miss this.

  10. i’m glad this post was, at least, honest.

  11. PLB killed it on the Against Me! thread.

    • Good lookin out Rysn. I’m starting to think the people to reacted to my comments without carefully reading them were really in the minority.

  12. Was the hologram crack really worth -114 points?

    • WMP, we can always rely on the man for a voice of reason. . .

      This is probably the most disappointing “Shut Up” I’ve seen. I would defer to the Gods to point out a sadder week (not emotionally, though for some people it seemed so). The fucking downvoters here basically allowed schneidmeat to come in and troll his way to a near-bottom 5 sweep. That is weak as shit. Though you should never trust a rubj, Imma take him at his word that he was locked out. I don’t know the politics and policies behind that, but rubj’s in all shapes and forms are family and you don’t leave family out in the cold (even if they are fags). The goddamned top comment was swiped by someone providing an unnecessary explanation to a troll. Several top comments were retaliations against tom when the real issue with the article was that the reactionaries read it incorrectly. I’m not sure when the people are gonna rise up against the tyranny of the downvoters, but this week is a result of doing nothing.

      underscore, I think that I have figured out your true identity. The only person who has ever said “goodbye” this many times without leaving is good ‘ole #4. I never knew Brett Favre was such an indie fan, but this does explain all those hours at the gym.

      The only good thing that happened this week was that dtitz came back strong. That almost makes up for the other shit.

      • Agreed. This week’s comments seem to be from people with sticks so far up their asses that Vlad Tepes is even like “whoa bro chill out”. Also, the frequency of my visits here would drop greatly if RubJ didn’t post anymore; that guy IS family.

  13. “Shut Up, Dude” is awful. I know it, you know it, stereogum knows it. Consider this a desperate plea to kill off this feature. I know that it is comment and traffic fodder, but holy goodness it is masturabatory nonsense.

    • During many weeks, I find “Shut Up” to be really fun. It is masturbatory, but most of us masturbate, so yeah. There have just been several columns recently that have attracted large crowds of reactionary posters (or just fucking downvoters). Last week’s “Shut Up” was total masturbation, but it was one of those really great masturbatory instances when you can reflect back to some really great hall of fame moments and just kind of get a little permagrin remembering it.

    • Fine bro, don’t join our circle jerk then. But consider this a desperate plea to join us for a round of ookie cookie over on Reddit.

    • Shut up, dude.

  14. i just got a sterreogum account but its seems like a pretty small community. Is that fair to say? or is this andrew guy really that hated that he can take 4/5 for the whole website

    • No, it’s not small. It’s usually some other dude who gets the most downvotes. There is kind of a pack mentality on here (which is funny because you’d think that people into independent artists would be more independent-minded), and the whole upvoting/downvoting thing really overstates the quality/lack of quality of people’s comments. It’s really kind of stupid and obnoxious.

      • It is a small community compared to a major blogsite or media site. That makes it great because the posts aren’t usually just three thousand random people making mundane statements. There is a sense of personality to many of the posters that makes some of the posts way better than the content being discussed. I totally agree with MH’s take on the up/downvoting. Complete pack mentality nonsense in some cases.

        • Thats pretty cool, i like the idea of someone being held accountable for what they say if its a small community instead of everyone just saying something to get a reaction because they know theyre essentially anonomous.

          • Hidden due to low comment rating. Click here to see

          • You sound a little bitter man but i do see where youre coming from. I guess I meant that I prefer this to youtube comments or whatever but I guess youre right, the internet will always be filled with people seeking acceptance. and when i was talking about being held accountable I was more so refering to the conversational aspect of this website where if someone is talking shit they get called for it. I dont really dig the yaynay thing either man.

          • Hi spenny!

            I think overall it’s a small community. The Facebook Connect option allows anybody to drop in when a big story comes our way. Nobody around here is really hated, except I think we “hate” rubberjohnny with emphasis on the sarcastic quotations. But every site needs a patsy.

            I think the Album of the Week feature is starting to be one of my favorite sections. It always seems to spark some really good discussions over said albums merits. I know eldave & I personally had a great back and forth over Chromatics new album. Of course the Torche review will forever be historical due to Pro Wrestling Shenanigans, but over time I think Stereogum’s Album of the Week will be a strong aspect of this site.

            As to the overall merits of Shut Up, Dude… I think it’s overall a good thing. It’s nice at the end of the week to have an “Anything Goes” thread where everybody can just comment on comments. Set the music aside for one second and just laugh, argue and hug it all out. Sure there are many Pros/Cons about rounding up comments, but one of the great Pros to me is perhaps seeing a big Comment Thread I may have missed over the week. I’m not going through archived Stereogum content on the reg, so a weekly roundup helps me know what threads had the most action.

            Also, everyone would’ve missed my AMAZING JEOPARDY! joke if it weren’t for Shut Up, Dude. (Amazing!) We try to have fun here.

          • Thanks for the well constructed reply raptor jesus. Who knows maybe it is possible to have a intelligent conversation about music on the internet after all.

  15. Man, I seriously love you guys. Rubberjohnny’s, inappropriate MCA jokes and volatile Michael_, this blog’s comments section feels like summer camp. I feel such a gamut of emotions whenever I read Stereogum.

  16. I knew I shouldn’t have eaten that puppy..

  17. looks like andrew s. is the new heavyweight in town, time for rubjons to reclaim his throne upon returning from exile, rubjons i wish you well.

  18. a minus a zillion AND an editor fav… the highlight of my life:) (and an extremely accurate example of my social life haha.)

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