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  • Browse Best Coast's Urban Outfitters Fashion Line
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Browse Best Coast's Urban Outfitters Fashion Line

Bethany Cosentino’s Urban Outfitters line Bethany Cosentino For Urban Renewal is out this week, featuring styles with names like “the Elaine,” “the Liv” and “the Stevie” which are made of vintage material and all cost less than $100. Watch a video of Bethany talking about some of her influences below and check out a few looks from the line up top.

Scope the entire line at Urban Outfitters.

Comments (23)
  1. I’ll buy my old lady some high waisted shorts next time I’m stocking up on beer pong supplies.

  2. Is this like the Kings of Leon fashion line? No thanks, I like to keep my garments and my music separate. Except the Bonnie Prince Billy condom.

  3. More Snacks please!

  4. what a surprise, you can buy hipster clothes at a hipster store

  5. Also, I have no problem with this in concept, I just don’ think they’re very good, or anything special, anyway. I’m probably wrong, though. *shrug*

  6. sweet collection, brosephina.

  7. Caretown – population? nobody, bebs.

  8. i understand the concept of an artist trying to earn a decent living in this difficult age. But really, does it have to come down to this?

    • Come down to what, making clothes? Is fashion really a strike against artistic integrity?

      It’s a peripheral interest. Some people make comedy duos. Some people make comic books. Some people make fashion lines.

  9. More like Best Coats, huh guys?

  10. Breast Toast

    wait, what was the joke?

  11. Its lack of cats disturbs me.

  12. can’t say she sold her soul since she never had one or if she did it rolled out of her food service mayonnaise jar sized vag…

  13. do people really care about this chick?

  14. These chicks look better wearing these outfits than Bethany.

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