Gotye Is First To Top Hot 100, Alternative & Dance Charts Simultaneously

Recently, Gotye’s “Somebody That I Used To Know” hit #1 on the Dance Club Songs chart, meaning that it’s the first song ever to top these three categories. Via Billboard:

“Somebody” leads the Alternative airplay chart for a 10th frame and reaches No. 1 on Dance Club Songs and Dance/Mix Show Airplay. The song is the first to top all four tallies and just the third shared leader on Alternative and Dance/Club Play Songs, following U2′s “Discotheque” (1997) and New Order’s “Regret” (1993)

Popular remixes from dudes like Tiësto helped shore things up on the dance side.

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    • Chris, I concur.

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  2. Will he be looking less agonizingly constipated now? Will he invest in clothes? Will he stop whining?

    Wait, I don’t actually give a shit.

    Never mind.

  3. Tiesto has never, ever made a competent remix or even remotely interesting remix.

  4. Couldn’t have happened to a sweeter, more deserving guy. Love it.

    Hopefully he won’t take another five years to produce album number four!

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