Lana Del Rey: The Handbag

Lana Del Rey finally has a (rather pricey) handbag! Going to let the product description set this up for you:

The Del Rey was inspired by American singer Lana Del Rey’s nostalgic references to bygone glamour and her playful contrast between retro and modern luxury. The Del Rey evokes simple refined elegance and timeless luxury as well as the easy sensibility and English common-sense practicality of our heritage icons. The style has a silhouette that implies structure yet it is soft and tactile in the best Mulberry tradition.

Price tag: $1,250. But it also comes in black! Either you get this, or you get 12+ (at least) things from Best Coast’s Urban Outfitters line. Or both! Neither is not an option. The Del Rey is available at Mulberry.

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  1. The price makes sense if you pay attention to the description. Apparently this bag contains Lana Del Rey’s hands.

  2. I don’t like this bag. It’s such a poser & didn’t deserve all the hype.

  3. Not sure why this wasn’t included in the post, but Courtney Love has also came out with her own purse.

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  5. “The Del Rey was…”

    And that’s where I stopped reading.

  6. Or you could just by 208 1/3 of these shirts.

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