Screaming Females

People need to stop sleeping on Sheryl Crow. Not too many people in the past two decades have come up with as many windows-down car-radio jams as she has, and her greatest-hits album is one of the best yard-sale purchases I’ve made lately. (It’s something like 80% killer, which means it’s roughly twice as good as Peter Gabriel’s Shaking The Tree.)

On a recent trip to the A.V. Club offices, Screaming Females, the Jersey three-piece who made my favorite album of 2012 thus far, covered her undying “If It Makes You Happy,” with some bonus ridiculous soloing from Marissa Paternoster. Watch it below.

(via the A.V. Club)

Screaming Females’ Ugly is out now on Don Giovanni. Buy it from eMusic.

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  1. THE BEST!

  2. “it’s roughly twice as good as Peter Gabriel’s Shaking The Tree.”


  3. PG>Everyone>Sheryl Crow

  4. Marissa Paternoster is seriously my favorite front woman of all time. OF ALL TIME!

  5. Nice cover, Marissa! By the way, this song was supposed to be country. Yup, the first, original version was country! Here’s a clip from Storytellers: – needless to say I love it! ;)

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