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OK, this YouTube is a few years old. But it’s NEW TO ME (thanks Videogum). Obviously we couldn’t let you go for the day without sharing details on a gnarly two compact disc (or two cassette!) compilation that’ll change your life. After hearing deep cuts from Huey Lewis, Culture Club, and A Flock Of Seagulls, you’ll wonder why you ever listened to anything but punk music before.

Yes, express delivery is available. Yes, it’s weird there’s no Baltimora.

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  1. I’d buy it in heartbeat

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  3. Sad thing is this would’ve sold like hot cakes back in like 2005.

  4. “what’s the most punk song by billy idol we can put on this thing?”

    “how about eyes without a face?”

  5. I hear the new one is going to feature a variety of Paramore and Nickelback songs

  6. Just called the 800 number, in four to six weeks I’ll be rockin’ some PUNK on my discman!

  7. Oh man, Huey Lewis, nothing’s more hardcore than Huey Lewis. Power of Love just gets my blood PUMPING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. This makes so little sense.

  9. So anyone click on the links at the end of clip? Because Songs 4 Life: The Ultimate Collection of Contemporary Christian Hits sounds fucking amazing. They’ve got the live version of “Revive Us, Oh Lord”! And they’ve got DC Talk!

  10. Every commercial should contain the phrase “…you also get Huey Lewis and the News!”

  11. How to look punk for a man in the 90′s : have a leather jacket, grey hair and say “man” about three times in a sentence.
    How to look punk for a girl in the 90′s : have a flower shirt, orange hair and try to look on your right and left at the same time when someone is taking a photo of you.

  12. seem legit.

  13. I had no idea my older sister and cousins used to listen to a punk radio station back in 1985. They played ALL those punk classics.

  14. Who said “punk’s dead”?

  15. This compilation foreshadowed Bradford Cox!

  16. See also: Queen’s “Jazz” and Feist’s “Metals.”

  17. haha those 2 ‘punks’ needs to essplain themselves haha, i love how just saying ‘yeah man!’ 5 times made their punk wigs and look ‘real!’ hahaha

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